duluthMidLife is only the Beginning … We have a saying that MidLife isn’t the beginning of the end but the beginning of the beginning! It’s the right time, the perfect time to try something new, see what we haven’t seen before, venture out of our comfort zone and meet new challenges. From jumping out of planes to rock climbing and reaching new heights, there’s no time like the present to do what you have always wanted to do!

No one size fits all in MidLife. Each and every experience and bucket list is unique. That’s the beauty of it! The days of keeping up with the Jones’ are now behind us.

Sharing these adventures with others is the best part of our journey. We inspire and encourage each other along the way. Our story itself is unique, we met on the internet. A simple conversation on Twitterand Facebook turned into MidLife Road Trips spanning big cities and small towns across America, making new friends along the way. It’s our “Therapy for a MidLife Crisis.” We’re continually inspired by people’s stories and we have met some remarkable people. Ultimately laughter is the common bond we share with just about everyone we meet.

Our journey, our passion is all about connecting with people. Through social media we have the lure of travel from new friends in other places who are eager to show off what’s special about where they live. We have tasted and created great food with talented chefs, learned about wine from the vintners themselves, had breakfast off the waffle truck and dinner in a Four Star Restaurant in the same day, great conversations with doting grandparents and award winning actors. We do more, we expect more, we‘re active, spontaneous, vibrant and full of life!  We’re just getting started and as the song goes “There ain’t no stoppin’ us now” 2013 is only the beginning!! Happy New Year! 

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