The Chateau AvalonOne of the best things about travel is trying new food. Included in every leg of the MidLife Road Trip is a food element or two. Kansas City was no exception. So, when the hotel served us up the biggest and best cinnamon roll we had ever seen, we  just had to know more.

The rolls, are actually the creation of Lorraine and Mema from Mema’s Old Fashioned Bakery down the street from Chateau Avalon. As we “rolled” in we were welcomed with open arms, smiles and an apron. They put us to work. If we were going to learn the art of the cinnamon roll it was going to be from scratch.

While they made it look effortless, making the perfect cinnamon roll was not a easy as it looks. First, we had to stop calling it a ‘bun’ .. it is a roll and yes, we actually rolled it. Everything was done by hand, mixing, weighing, rolling, slicing and icing.

There was a lot of love in that oven. Lorraine is Mema’s daughter and everything they bake is truly a family affair. While the bakery is a commercial kitchen, the feeling was as if we were in their home, the family kitchen. While the recipe is top secret, the process has equal parts love, fun and passion.

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