While in Phoenix we A.D.D. detoured over to Scottsdale to have a go at rock climbing.  We arrived at AZ on the Rocks to go rock climbing to find this enormous indoor air conditioned rock climbing facility. 14,000 square feet to be exact!

It was frightening for a midlife gal who lives in flats of Florida. Our highest peaks are ant hills! I calmed down once the kids birthday party got underway, they start them climbing as young as 18 months.

There is a variety of climbing terrain, from beginner like me to very challenging for experienced climbers.

The interesting thing here is team building. You have to put your trust in your partner who is keeping you from sliding back down to the ground. I was a lousy team partner and needed quite a bit of assistance from the instructor to keep Rick from plummeting to the ground. Rick on the other hand was terrific. He had a lot of confidence and caught on very quickly. I felt very safe and secure …

The great news here is that the instructors are quite knowledgeable. Safety is paramount and the customer service was awesome. Here’s a link to the video of our Rock Climbing Adventure at AZ on the Rocks.

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