Six Reasons You’ll Love Hocking Hills, Ohio

No matter where we go we always find something that each of us loves. Rick tends to be the more adventurous of the two, jumping out of planes, zip lining or even participating in Zestfest’s “Loli-Lick-a-thon, the hottest lick on a stick. Sandi on the other hand gravitates towards the serene: like a day at the spa, a leisurely stroll down Main Street or spending the afternoon in the kitchen with a favorite local chef! Hocking Hills, Ohio has Adventure, the Quirky & Five Star Cuisine, a little something for everyone! They had plenty to entertain the adventurer in Rick and feed the soul of Sandi!

What we loved about Hocking Hills, Ohio

First Impressions of Portugal

Prior to receiving an invitation from Viking River Cruises to participate in the #VikingSocial cruise on the Douro River, I knew very little about Portugal. I was aware that Port wine was made in Portugal, and that cork trees grew there. Anything else I might have learned was surely forgotten as soon as I put down the pencil after taking whatever high school or college test I had bothered to study for in the first place.

This trip afforded me the opportunity to learn of Portugal’s history, witness her beauty, experience her culture, and taste her wine. As a result, Portugal is now in the upper echelon of countries I would love to visit again and again.

Of the 1,121 photographs I snapped along the journey, here are a few that summarize my first impressions of Portugal.

Experiencing Chicago on $40 a Day

It’s no secret that Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the United States. The city is so layered with history, architecture, sports, shopping, art, museums, parks, and food that I never get tired of visiting. So when IHG Rewards Club offered to sponsor me on a...

New videos tell Windstar’s story in voices from the crew

Seattle, WA, August 8, 2018 — Windstar Cruises crisscrosses the globe landing guests in the heart of world capitals, immersing them in the great cultures, leading them down roads less traveled and bringing them closer to authentic, unforgettable travel experiences...

Travel Therapy: The Healing Waters of the Danube River #MyVikingStory

I could barely contain my excitement as I was about take my first ever river cruise. We would be traveling down the famous Danube River on Viking River Cruise from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. It was the first week of December and we would be visiting Christmas markets in each of the cities we stopped in. My best friend (and frequent travel partner) Lucille, was coming along and she was equally excited. I was already packed weeks in advance knowing the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays would be pulling me in a million different directions prior to my departure.

Times Square Bucket List

We met some interesting people in Times Square in New York City and we got some pretty interesting answers to the question, "What's on your Bucket List?" Here's our Bucket List. Leave a comment and let us know what's on yours....

The Pencil Sharpener Museum

One of our favorite things to do on a road trip is to visit off-beat, quirky museums. The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio is said to be the largest collection of pencil sharpeners in the world! Sporting over...

The Famous Marching Peabody Ducks

They're cute, they're cuddly and they'll quack you up. The Famous Marching Peabody Ducks spend the day frolicking in the Orlando’s Peabody Hotel’s fountain. At 5:00 p.m. the Duckmaster escorts the ducks via red carpet, their own private elevator and much...

Exploring Barcelona on Guided Walking Tours

I recently returned from a European adventure featuring locations in Italy, France, and Spain. Apart from providing a much-needed change of scenery and exposure to cultures I had not yet explored, this trip opened my eyes to a major travel hack: Guided Walking Tours!...

California Road Trip: Huntington Beach

One of our favorite stops on our California road trip was Huntington Beach otherwise known as Surf City USA®! There are some mighty interesting things in Huntington Beach, Did you know it's home to the Surfing Walk of Fame, Hall of Fame and the International Surf...


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