DanvilleTravel without research? Sure! Why not? To many people this may sound like an uncertain, risky, and not-so-planned-out..“plan”. However, life is full of uncertainties, and sometimes that’s where all the excitement comes from! And, it always makes for a unique adventure.


Such was the case when we set out for the Danville Bed and Breakfast, a destination we knew very little about. Traveling onward down a rural road in Geneva, Florida, we were just beginning to question the guidance from our GPS, when we finally approached a sign and a long driveway. The driveway led us to an airplane hangar, on a rather large piece of property. Immediately we were greeted by two warm, smiling faces — one of them being the mayor of Danville himself, Mr. Dan Shaw.dan of danvilleIMG_1638

Feelings of comfort, relief, and puzzlement came upon us… We had reached our destination, but where and what was “Danville”?

The answer was soon revealed by the press of a button, followed by an airplane hangar-door opening; revealing to our complete shock and amazement, Danville. Right there, behind these walls.

unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-3Danville, is a unique place designed from owner Dan Shaw’s very fertile imagination. Such a quaint, inviting little town, nestled inside a unassuming airplane hangar . Complete with fun music, a disco ball, and an Irish pub — it’d be impossible for us to say we don’t love that imagination! With the right crowd, Danville will give you that “fun night out on the town” while staying in.

Not in the mood for dance parties in Danville? Try a quiet night in the private theater where you can settle in with a fresh batch popcorn and a movie on the big screen.. in 3-D! This Bed & Breakfast is a celebration destination, with two bedrooms & bathrooms beautifully appointed, perfect for every event from weddings to family reunions. Disneyesque in design and feel, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood here, and that’s the characteristic we loved most about it.

danville plane unnamed-1 unnamedTo satisfy the adventurous crowd, the property is equipped with Segways for touring, kayaks for exploring, and an airplane for “airborning”. Yes… you read that correctly, the Danville Bed and Breakfast even has a private airplane! Being the adventurers that we are, we jumped at the first opportunity to hop aboard the Spirit of Geneva. A cozy cabin accompanied by a friendly pilot. We were given an aerial tour of the Central Florida area, while being provided with information about the various sights we were seeing. For the best photo opportunities, the pilot even took us on the scenic route over the St. John’s River. What a view!

With the seemingly-endless list of activities, beautiful landscape and nearby scenery, an atmosphere to fit any mood, and a warm welcome that makes you feel like you’re at home with family (in the good, non-stressful way, of course!) ..it goes without saying that the Danville Bed and Breakfast was definitely one of our favorite stops on our trip to Seminole County.

guest author midlife road tripSabrina Kathleen is a free-spirited 23 year old, born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. She was introduced to traveling at a young age by her mother, who was always in search for “some place better than here”. However, it wasn’t until about a year-or-so ago that Sabrina was truly bitten by the travel bug, and has been on a Wanderlust-driven mission ever since. Sabrina’s main passions include photography, traveling, adventuring, marine life, nature, and of course.. food. She spends most of her spare time exploring known and unknown territory, while photographing all of the simple beauty this world has to offer. It is Sabrina’s strongest belief that life is only truly fulfilled by putting yourself out there, taking chances, and seeing & doing all that you possibly can achieve during a lifetime. She aims to share this belief, and hopes to inspire others through the camera lens of her own journey.”


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