by Sabrina KathleenMidlife Road Trip Correspondent

Everybody has their own set of ideals when it comes to vacationing and creating the “perfect” getaway. Many people may prefer a tranquil respite offering a plethora of serenity & relaxation, while others seek out their destination specifically with activities & adventures in mind. And then there’s the group of people that I like to refer to as the “variety pack” people. These are the ones who don’t necessarily prefer one or the other, but rather have a little of this, a little of that. whatever the mood calls for. Being your typical “variety pack” girl, I found Sandals Ochi Beach Resort to be the perfect fit for my travel style.

For the “doers”

This caribbean resort offers a wide variety of daily activities such as yoga, water-cycling, golfing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling — just to name a few off the list. Being the ocean-lover that I am, I dove right in at the opportunity to go snorkeling (literally).

The Jamaican waters are shades of emerald and sapphire, with defined visibility and beautiful reefs to explore. Whether you’re scuba certified or just a snorkeler, I highly recommend getting your head ‘beneath the surface’ here.Ochi4

For the “night owls”

I was taken by surprise at the liveliness Sandals Ochi. It doesn’t matter what day it is, or even what time of day – something can be found going on somewhere. With a live DJ and different theme every night of the week, the Ochi Beach Club is the prime hot spot here at Sandals Ochi Beach Resort. Located directly on the beach, adjacent to one of the swim-up bars, guests can always be found dancing the night away in the sand or by the pool. Live entertainment can be found daily in other various locations throughout the resort grounds, including The Rabbit Hole,  a nightly Speakeasy …but for this, you must know and whisper the daily-changing password to get inside!

The Sandals Ochi staff are upbeat, friendly locals whose enthusiasm is contagious and they go out of their way to ensure that your fun doesn’t stop until you want it to.

The resort as a whole features plenty of full-liquor bars, including three swim-up pool bars. And I did mention that this resort is all-inclusive…. so, need I say more?


For the “zen-seekers”

Whether you’ve booked a stay for the Romeo & Juliet Suites or the Butler Villas, privacy and relaxation abound. The resort is built on over 100 acres of lush, tropical landscape, overlooking a tranquil spectrum of blue that is the caribbean ocean, providing a naturally calming feel. There are no shortage of places to lounge peacefully while taking in the postcard-esque view.


If the ambiance alone is not enough for you, the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort features two spas which offer various treatments as well as optional massages in a private room or right on the beach.


What’s your travel style? 

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