Tailgating at LSU

We headed down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for some great food and crazy fun with people who take their tailgating as seriously as they take their LSU football.   Tailgating at LSU is an incredible experience with some of the best food we’ve ever encountered. LSU may occasionally lose a football game, but they’ve never lost a tailgate party. We have a new appreciation for all the ways you can prepare alligator and jambalaya.

What do you love most about tailgating? 


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  1. Liz says:

    I LOVE tailgating! The food is always so phenomenal…pure comfort! But it sounds like LSU fans go above and beyond! My family went north to Wisconsin to watch the Packers’ play yesterday. It was COLD and rainy. I’m more of a fair weather tailgater 🙂 Glad you had fun!

    • Rick Griffin says:

      Thanks Liz! We try to go tailgating at a different tailgate party each season. We went to Alabama last year. It was an incredible experience! Would love to tailgate at a Packers game – hopefully when the weather is cooperating:)

  2. Beth Blair says:

    Good times! I grew up in Baton Rouge (dad worked at LSU). How I miss that spirit!

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