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  • Bird’s eye view of Dubai in a hot air balloon

    5 Things you must do in Dubai

    5 Things you must do in Dubai

    by Kaelyn Mostafa, Midlife Road Trip Correspondent

    Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon
    What better way to experience Dubai than from a bird’s eye view in a hot air balloon? This excursion allows travelers to soar high above the Dubai Desert Conservation Range in a hot air balloon with an experienced pilot. The breathtaking sights include the sun rising over endless sand dunes, beautiful desert vistas, and wild camels and gazelles roaming freely around the area.

    Not only does this excursion provide participants with some unbelievable photo ops, but it also offers approximately one full hour of airtime, a variety of interesting tidbits about desert living, and a unique and adventurous way to experience the desert!

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  • Eco-tourism in Costa Rica

    Eco-tourism in Costa Rica

    On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I learned first hand why eco-tourism is a phenomenal way to travel throughout the tropics. Eco-tourism gives value to the existing forest as well as adding value to reforestation projects. Traveling to the tropics not only benefits the traveler with stories of zip-lining through the canopy, seeing howler monkeys on the side of the road, and having hummingbirds zip by your ear to feed from a heliconia flower 2 feet away from you at breakfast. Why should we care about protecting the rainforest? There are too many reasons to count, but what stuck with me the most in my travels was learning that about 2100 of the 3000 plants identified by the national cancer institute as sources of cancer-fighting chemicals are found in tropical rainforests. Traveling to these places benefits you as the traveler, as well as the local area.

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  • Making memories with your smartphone #VZWbuzz

    Making memories with your smartphone #VZWbuzz

    We travel around the world. It seems like we’re always going somewhere or heading home. We are memory makers and our business is sharing them. Smartphones make it effortless.

    Memories are powerful. They tug at your heart strings. We’re very visual. Capturing our memories in photographs and video is a way to hang on to those feelings of joy, a way to remember those no longer with us, and to keep us connected to our past, our roots in a profound and lasting way.

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  • 10 Facts about Dubai that might surprise you

    10 Facts about Dubai that might surprise you

    by Kaelyn Mostafa, Midlife Road Trip Correspondent After enduring a 12.5 hour flight, I arrived at Dubai International Airport early Friday morning (or late Thursday night in America). When I first told people that I was spending the summer in Dubai, it quickly became evident that people have several misconceptions about the area; for this reason, I decided to dedicate this article to telling you guys a little bit about Dubai:

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  • Sandals Resorts Leave Footprints In The Lives Of Many

    Sandals Resorts Leave Footprints In The Lives Of Many

    Comprised of over 700 lush green islands lined by gorgeous beaches and radiant waters, the Caribbean is a prime destination for many vacationers from all across the globe. However, what most of us don’t often see beyond these natural beauties of the Caribbean is the reality that many of its communities are facing countless economic and environmental challenges, making it difficult for the region to thrive and advance.

    “Education, Community, Environment”

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  • Barcelona Bests

    Barcelona Bests

    by Jeannine Henderson, Midlife Road Trip Correspondent Having lived in Barcelona while studying abroad, I get asked what to see and do regularly… so often that I have an email saved in my draft folder that I edit accordingly and send out upon request. Barcelona is my favorite European city; the people, architecture, culture, food, vibe… I could go on and on as to why this city is so fantastic. So, straight from my draft folder, I give you my Barcelona […]

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  • Variety is the “Spice of Life” at the brand new Sandals Ochi

    Variety is the “Spice of Life” at the brand new Sandals Ochi

    Everybody has their own set of ideals when it comes to vacationing and creating the “perfect” getaway. Many people may prefer a tranquil respite offering a plethora of serenity & relaxation, while others seek out their destination specifically with activities & adventures in mind. And then there’s the group of people that I like to refer to as the “variety pack” people. These are the ones who don’t necessarily prefer one or the other, but rather have …

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  • Five Bucket List Checks on One Trip! #VikingStar

    Five Bucket List Checks on One Trip! #VikingStar

    Checking items off my Bucket List is a goal of every trip I take. Whether it’’s learning something new, visiting a new destination, trying a new cuisine, meeting an interesting person, or just being part of something big makes the trip all the more memorable. My recent adventure aboard the #VikingStar provided me with not one, not two, but FIVE bucket list checks on one trip! 1. Sail on the Maiden Voyage of a Brand New Ship I was thrilled to […]

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