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  • Packing for Paris

    Packing for Paris

    We’re packing for Paris!!!!  Later this week we’ll board an airplane, cross the pond, and land at Charles de Gaulle airport before embarking on a week long adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We have an exciting itinerary put together by Expedia Local Expert that includes: Paris Segway Tour with stops at the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and the Seine Gourmet Food Tour of Paris where we’ll feast on cheeses, breads, and wine in the Latin Quarter Musical Dinner in […]

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  • Carnival Teams Up with Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Tampa Bay Rays

    Carnival Teams Up with Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Tampa Bay Rays

    ALL-STAR EVAN LONGORIA TO CELEBRATE RELEASE OF NEW DR. SEUSS BOOK ‘WHAT PET SHOULD I GET?’ ABOARD CARNIVAL PARADISE IN TAMPA In Conjunction with the Event, Cruise Line Also Hosts Children from Local SPCA Camp, Boys & Girls Club, Donates Funds to Two Tampa-Area Animal Rescue Organizations  MIAMI (July 30, 2015) – Carnival Cruise Line and its partner Dr. Seuss Enterprises teamed up to celebrate the release of the new Dr. Seuss book, “What Pet Should I Get?” with a […]

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  • Oprah Slept Here. Rancho La Puerta

    Oprah Slept Here. Rancho La Puerta

    Rancho La Puerta 70 Years in the Making … Luminaries such as Oprah, Sophia Loren, Madonna and now me all stayed at Rancho La Puerta. While we weren’t there “together” I can certainly see why they would choose Rancho La Puerta. Nestled between mountains and meadow in Baja California, Mexico, Rancho La Puerta “Ranch of the Door” was founded in 1940 by spa pioneers Deborah and Edmond Szekely. Certainly ahead of their time, these visionaries created paradise on 3,000 unspoiled private acres with […]

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  • Everyone Should Visit India in Their Lifetime

    Everyone Should Visit India in Their Lifetime

    As one of the world’s foremost civilizations, India has been referred to as the “Golden Sparrow” because of its past riches. The warmth and hospitality of the mighty hearts of India’s people prevails still today making it a destination everyone should visit in their lifetime.

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  • Austin Texas is Weird #DMAI15

    Austin Texas is Weird #DMAI15

    Austin, Texas is weird and we love it! Austin is known for incredible food and fantastic music and #SXSW … Take a behind the scenes peek at what weird about Austin! And .. another check off our Bucket List!

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  • Experimenting with HDR Photography on a Smartphone

    Experimenting with HDR Photography on a Smartphone

    Lately I’ve become enamored with HDR photography. The depth and colors give HDR images a surreal 3-D like quality that has me clicking the like button when I see them on various social media platforms. I only recently learned that HDR stood for High Dynamic Range. I knew that my Droid Turbo had a HDR function on the camera but I always assumed that it was some gimmicky filter or effect that was supposed make my photos look like a […]

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  • Bird’s eye view of Dubai in a hot air balloon

    5 Things you must do in Dubai

    5 Things you must do in Dubai

    by Kaelyn Mostafa, Midlife Road Trip Correspondent

    Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon
    What better way to experience Dubai than from a bird’s eye view in a hot air balloon? This excursion allows travelers to soar high above the Dubai Desert Conservation Range in a hot air balloon with an experienced pilot. The breathtaking sights include the sun rising over endless sand dunes, beautiful desert vistas, and wild camels and gazelles roaming freely around the area.

    Not only does this excursion provide participants with some unbelievable photo ops, but it also offers approximately one full hour of airtime, a variety of interesting tidbits about desert living, and a unique and adventurous way to experience the desert!

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  • Eco-tourism in Costa Rica

    Eco-tourism in Costa Rica

    On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I learned first hand why eco-tourism is a phenomenal way to travel throughout the tropics. Eco-tourism gives value to the existing forest as well as adding value to reforestation projects. Traveling to the tropics not only benefits the traveler with stories of zip-lining through the canopy, seeing howler monkeys on the side of the road, and having hummingbirds zip by your ear to feed from a heliconia flower 2 feet away from you at breakfast. Why should we care about protecting the rainforest? There are too many reasons to count, but what stuck with me the most in my travels was learning that about 2100 of the 3000 plants identified by the …

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