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  • Behind the Scenes in Talladega  #NASCAR

    Behind the Scenes in Talladega #NASCAR

    We always love tagging along with others when they get to fulfill their Bucket List dreams. Here’s a fun behind the scenes look at the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure at the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama with our friend Max Akins, where we drove real NASCAR race-cars at speeds of 174mph!  

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  • Impressions of Portugal #VikingSocial

    Impressions of Portugal #VikingSocial

    Prior to receiving an invitation from Viking River Cruises to participate in the #VikingSocial cruise on the Douro River, I knew very little about Portugal. I was aware  that Port wine was made in Portugal, and that cork trees grew there. Anything else I might have learned was surely forgotten as soon as I put down the pencil after taking whatever high school or college test I had bothered to study for in the first place. This trip afforded me […]

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  • Photographing #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal

    Photographing #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal

    For centuries, Arabs, Jews, and Christians have peacefully coexisted in the village of Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal. As an invited participant in the #VikingSocial Portugal’s River’s of Gold cruise, I had the opportunity to explore and photograph the 13th century fortress. One of my quirks as a photographer is photographing old doors. I found that the combination of old wood, stone walls, and growing vines made the #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo some of the most interesting that I’ve encountered in all of my […]

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  • Lisbon’s National Tile Museum #VikingSocial

    Lisbon’s National Tile Museum #VikingSocial

    Ceramic tiles are an important part of Portugal’s culture and history. As an invited guest on the #VikingSocial Portugal’s Rivers of Gold cruise, I took an optional tour that included a visit Lisbon’s National Tile Museum where I learned how ceramic tiles are made and saw quite an impressive display of tiles, some dating back to 1738. The tour concluded with a workshop where I was able to make my own ceramic tile. I chose to do a picture Dudley, of my […]

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  • Five Best Luxury Resorts in Greece

    Five Best Luxury Resorts in Greece

    Irrespective of Greece’s recent financial and economic crisis, Greece retains its attraction and magnificence allowing it to remain a personal favourite holiday escape for many people. With an ever-growing selection of boutique hotels, luxury hotel getaways and romantic retreats, follow this insider guide to everything you need to know about your luxury stay and be inspired to travel to one of the five best luxury resorts in Greece. 1. Lindos Blu, Rhodes, Greece Lindos Blu is just a short walk […]

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  • A Grand Adventure: Multigenerational Disney #TBT

    A Grand Adventure: Multigenerational Disney #TBT

    It was a grand adventure indeed when we took to streets of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We had a blast making this video ‘ Multigenerational Disney’ with the amazingly talented crew at Disney. There truly is something for everyone at Disney, no matter what your age. And, as you’ll see in this video Disney is the perfect place for the young and the young at heart!

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  • Paris through the eyes of Expedia’s Local Experts

    Paris through the eyes of Expedia’s Local Experts

    We had never been to Paris so when the opportunity arose for us to see the city of lights through the eyes of Expedia local experts, our bags were packed before you could say merci beaucoup.

    Through Expedia you can arrange a private standard car fromCharles de Gaulle Airport to your hotel. The entire process was very simple. I went online, entered all the flight information, pre-paid ($63.00 from the airport to the hotel) and the driver waiting for us at baggage claim. Having never been to Paris before, this took the stress out of navigating from the airport to the hotel after an 8-hour red eye flight.

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  • Five Thrilling Ocean Activities for Your Bucket List

    Five Thrilling Ocean Activities for Your Bucket List

    We usually associate the ocean with something along the lines of chilling at the beach, perhaps with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other, taking in the sun. But while it does sound pretty good, the fact remains that the ocean can offer a lot more things to do, suited for all tastes and preferences – you can have a tremendous amount of fun in the water, and it can elevate your vacation from a […]

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