Multigenerational Travel: Tips for Traveling With Octogenarians   A little consideration makes for smooth sailing.

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Leisure travel is always an adventure, no matter what your age. Traveling with family members in their 80’s can be a gratifying experience it just takes some extra consideration.

My husband and I were recently privileged to join my octogenarian parents on a Caribbean cruise. While on this vacation, I realized that there are a few factors we needed to consider while adventuring with them.

Keep an open mind

First, keep an open mind. There might be differences in what everyone wants to accomplish while on vacation. You might just find some real gems of sites, activities, restaurants, and hotels if you modify your agenda and do what these spunky octogenarians are interested in. My parents like speaking with locals to get a feel for the area and enjoy the “holes in the walls” that locals recommend. We have had some fantastic adventures following them!

Open Communication

Second, have good open communication to avoid anyone getting upset and frustrated, because they feel they don’t know what is going on. It is imperative to relay details (and make sure they are understood) such as what time activities will start, where to meet, how long events will last and who will be attending. If necessary, write details to leave with a senior relative. No confusion, no frustration!

Have Patience

Third, have patience. It may take a bit longer to get places, but it’s amazing what you discover when you slow down and enjoy the journey. You see the artwork you might otherwise miss, the scenery around you becomes more discernable and alive, and it is easier to engage with others when you slow down.

While there are considerations to take when traveling and adventuring with relatives of any age, the octogenarian can bring a wealth of knowledge and value to a vacation. Be open-minded, patient and communicate well with your senior travelers to get the most out of your time together

KRISTA GALLATY is an influential coach, trainer, and consultant who has enjoyed a highly successful 20+ year career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, all the while traveling extensively for both business and pleasure. Combining her vast business experience and her passion for helping others, she’s an extraordinary facilitator, coach, and trainer aimed at improving performance outcomes by aligning people strategies with their goals.
As a Midlife Road trip correspondent, she shares her experiences on land and sea from multigenerational travel, to where to find the best eats in the French Quarter and much, much more.





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