Cheryl, Ard, Lori, Sharon, Rick, Sandi Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

I have never been to a venue more suited for the entire family than the Grand Ole Opry, and it goes generations deep.

The Grand Ole Opry has been entertaining country audiences for decades however you don’t have to be a country devotee to enjoy the show. It is a slice of Americana.

The performers are “family” all egos checked at the backstage door. Everyone is paid the same no matter how famous, no how many number ones or records they’ve sold. It’s downright refreshing.

I grew up in N.Y. and lived across the street from my cousins. Once grown, we all went our separate ways living in different parts of the country. We get together as often as we can, but with hectic lives and adult responsibilities, we’re lucky if we see each other once a year and usually not all at the same time. As cousins Lori and Rick planned a vacation to Nashville, the rest of us shamelessly “invited ourselves”. It was official, a family reunion was Nashville bound.

On the top of the to-do list was an evening at the Opry with a backstage tour. My colleague and expert in all things Nashville, Kristin Luna, made sure we were hooked up for an unforgettable evening.

Kristian Bush (Sugarland)

Devin Dawson

The show was fantastic. Connie Smith, Bill Anderson, Ricky Skaggs and Daily and Vincent were consummate hosts. Mike Snider, Jesse McReynolds, Wade Hayes, The Whites, Exile, Jimmy Fortune and Kristian Bush (Sugarland) kept us tappin’ our toes throughout the 2+ hour show. The most exciting performance of the night came from Devin Dawson, making his Grand Ole Opry debut with his new single “All On Me” followed by “Dark Horse.”  “All On Me” was the most added song on country radio from a new artist that week and we certainly understood why!

Who doesn’t like a peek “behind the curtain”? From the artist’s entrance to the dressing rooms to center stage and the famous wooden circle, the backstage tour is one that should not be missed. You get an insider’s perspective of what it’s like backstage at the Opry. Peppered with delightful anecdotes and interesting bits of country music history the tour is both entertaining and enlightening.

I can think of no place I’d rather spend an evening in Nashville with my family than at the Grand Ole Opry.

Have you ever been to Nashville? to the Grand Ole Opry?

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