What Happens in Vegas, Ends Up on Facebook.

Over the years I’ve had numerous opportunities to visit Las Vegas; conventions, family vacations, speaking engagements, trade shows, and assignments for Midlife Road Trip. My first trip to Vegas was for a speaking engagement back in the late 1990’s. Neither my wife, Denise, nor I were really into gambling, so the thought of a trip to Sin City wasn’t that appealing. But since neither of us had ever been we decided to make the most of it.

Denise and I were both raised in religious homes in the Bible Belt where drinking and gambling were greatly frowned upon. The thought of one of our parents or old Sunday school teachers possibly seeing a photo of us drinking a glass of wine while making donations to a slot machine would probably have kept us from making the trip all together. Thankfully, that was back in the days before there was such a thing as social media so we were able to enjoy the trip without worrying that what happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook. 

We left Vegas pleasantly surprised to find that it’s about more than fancy casinos and cheap buffets (which aren’t that cheap anymore). There is literally something for everyone – even non-gamers. Sure, Vegas still has it’s seedy side, but we found it to be much more family-friendly than we ever expected. In fact, we brought our daughters with us on our second trip – and they loved it! The grandeur, opulence and quirkiness of Vegas make it an ideal destination for people watching – which is totally free, by the way.  

Denise and I outside the Luxor hotel in 2005

Las Vegas is an ever evolving destination. I discover something new with each visit – more extravagant hotels, more spectacular shows, more daring attractions etc. Most recently Vegas has solidified itself as a great culinary destination as more and more award winning and celebrity chefs are opening restaurants in the city. Another cool fact is that of the world’s 229 Master Sommeliers, 10 of them work in Las Vegas – that’s more than any other city in the world! 

Just remember that what happens in Vegas, ends up on Facebook. Such as the case of this photo of my blogger friends, Spencer Spellman and Chris Staudinger. (Spencer is pole dancing while Chris is giving him a tip.) Here are some other photos I’ve shared on Facebook from some of my other Vegas trips. 

While in Vegas on assignment for Midlife Road Trip with my co-host, Sandi McKenna, we got to drink from the World’s Largest Cup of Coffee, and meet the Godfather of Reality TV, Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice etc.)!

A few of the quirky things we see in Las Vegas include a statue of Caesar holding a condom (that someone placed there), a stretch Hummer limo, and a truck that delivers hot girls. Those poor girls probably wouldn’t be so hot if somebody would cut some air vents for them. …wonder how much you’re suppose to tip the driver? 🙂

Unfortunately Vegas has its share of homeless people. I liked this guy’s style and honesty so I gave him a few dollars.

The High Roller Observation Wheel provides spectacular views of the city!

There are lots of ways to experience Las Vegas. Here’s a link to a His Way / Her Way article that Sandi and I wrote for Expedia.

What are your favorite ways to experience Las Vegas? 





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