I never thought I’d enjoy paying a bill each month. Verizon Up and Verizon 55+ just made paying my wireless bill that much easier.

Every $300 I spend on my wireless monthly bills earns me a reward. I was skeptical but, it really is that simple. If you know me, you know I don’t like to complicate my life any more than I have to so I found Verizon Up very appealing. Verizon offers all kinds of perks like gift cards (that I actually use) to TJMaxx, Overstock, and Home Depot. It gets better. They also have an ever-changing selection of bonus rewards (90 days free access to Audible kid-friendly books, apps, and videos, 10% off your next hotel stay, 50% off a Mophie charger and more) that you don’t have to use rewards for. You can also score Super Tickets to football games and A-list concerts like Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and Luke Bryan. The toughest part of the Verizon Up program is deciding what to use my rewards for.

There are a few benefits to getting older and as a Verizon wireless customer, I save because I’m 55+. If you live in Florida, Illinois or Missouri, and are 55 and over, you can get two unlimited lines for $80/month. Again, it’s that simple. I hopped on this offer immediately and I’ve been saving every month since. The Go Unlimited 55+ plan includes:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • DVD-quality streaming
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot (600kbps)
  • Verizon Up rewards

I have been a long standing Verizon wireless customer. They’re actually the only wireless company my family has ever used. We get great, reliable connectivity which has always been important to us. Now, with the added benefits it’s like icing on the wireless cake!

And, while the MidLife Road Trip is sponsored to share this information, I can say with all sincerity that I believe in and use the product and have been a Verizon wireless customer long before our business affiliation.

Have you signed up for Verizon Up yet?




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