OrangeCounty-119The Travel Media Group released a white paper listing the Top 20 Travel Experts on Twitter. Congrats to Midlife Road Trip co-host, Rick Griffin, for eating and tweeting his way into foodie/traveler expert status with the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and Niamh Shields!


Here’s an excerpt from the white paper. 




The Foodie – If you fit in The Foodie category you probably hate chain restaurants and

are willing to try anything new. You get a thrill out of the spiciest peppers and strangest
flavor combinations, and want to travel the world with help from your taste buds. If you
have a passion for eating and love trying new dining experiences grab your fork and
spoon and check out these four food traveling experts, they have eaten it all!

If you want to dig deeper into both new cultures and foods, then add Anthony
Bourdain on Twitter! Don’t let his rough around the edges personality stop you
from taking his advice; Anthony has the expertise to help you experience all of
the wonderful sights, smells and delicious tastes of your next destination.
You can also visit Anthony at

If you’ve always felt you belong on Fear Factor, or have a passion for eating
unusual food, Andrew Zimmern is your man. Well-known for his appetite for
strange and often unheard of foods, Andrew will lead you to some of the world’s
most interesting destinations, indulging in the most unique foods you’ll ever lay
eyes on along the way. You can also visit Andrew at

If you have an appetite for unique food and love to travel, add Niamh, a blogger
who has combined both of her passions to provide you with expert
recommendations on food and travel. If you’re looking to hit some delicious
destinations, Niamh can lead you to the best eats around the world. Grab your
fork and dig in! You can also visit Niamh at

If you think the motto YOLO (you only live once) is just for the young, think again!
Rick Griffin is the co-host of Midlife Road Trip, providing best eats and travel
advice to help you make the most of your adventure. Eat your way across the
globe following Rick. You can also visit Rick at



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