We used to measure the significance of a journey by how many fun things we got to do, the great things we got to eat and the beautiful things we got to see.

Since our Rand McNally/ USA TODAY Best of the Road trip this summer, we measure the significance of our journey by the friends we made, the lives we touched & how we changed and grew as people.  We have the utmost respect  for the four other teams we we competed against, Rogue Riders, Fresh Traveler, Road Bros and Team Two for the Road.  Each team inspired us, encouraged us and we quickly went from competitors to comrades. We wish them each continued success and safe travels. 

What can we say about the RV crew. They are nothing short of amazing and some of the hardest working and most talented team of people we have ever had the pleasure to meet and get to know.

And, it is with our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude that we say THANK YOU to Watertown NY, Duluth GA, Deland FL, Enterprise AL, Gainesville TX and Mandan ND The Six MOST PATRIOTIC SMALL TOWNS in AMERICA!  You have touched our hearts, changed us for the better and each and everyone of you are heroes in our eyes!

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