Bring your A game to the party this weekend. We’re getting  the Dish on Super Bowl Party Do’s & Don’ts.  When in doubt ask an expert and we did just that. Who better than etiquette expert and mom of two boys, Patricia Rossi to tell us how to navigate the Super Bowl party! 

Tip #1: Do bring a dish to share to the Super Bowl party. Even if the host says not to bring anything, bring something anyway. More food choices and variety make the party memorable. Try to bring something you can eat with one hand and also consume in a few bites.

Tip #2: Don’t talk about diets, anything Fat Free, or Jenny Craig.It’s one of the year’s biggest sporting and social events — coupled with the year’s biggest buffet, so enjoy the Super Bowl food and have fun.

Tip #3: Don’t glance, paw or covet the remote control. It is only to be touched by the people who live in the house.

Tip #4: Do think Archie Bunker or Captain Kirk in regards to seating etiquette. Let the host have the seat of honor. They have been slicing, dicing, and prepping for a week so give them the Grand Poobah chair.

Tip #5: Do be a great guest. At the end of each quarter walk around and help with keeping things clean. Simply picking up orphaned cups, plates and napkins will be a huge help for the host and might even inspire other guests to do the same.

Tip #6: Super Bowl Party Conduct… If your team is trailing, NO acting crazy! Besides the team and the players probably aren’t a part of your family or contributing to your 401-k so no carrying on.

Tip #7: Do provide two rooms if hosting the party. One room for avid fans and the other for the guests who would rather converse and mingle with the game on in the background.

Tip #8: Don’t be overly talkative during the commercials. They are the most highly anticipated ads seen all year. Same goes for the halftime show. Even non-football fans love to watch all the new commercials and the exciting halftime activities.

Tip #9: Don’t over indulge in anything. Don’t splay yourself out over the entire sofa — causing others to stand — don’t siphon the entire keg, or consume all the honey rubbed, triple fried, extra spicy chicken wings, even if they do taste exactly like your mama’s.

Tip #10: Do depart in timely manner. When the game is over NO LOOMING AROUND. It’s not New Year’s Eve so GO ON HOME! BE sure to thank your host even if your team lost.

 Patricia Rossi is the author of the exciting new book Everyday Etiquette: How To Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations. She is the go to person for etiquette knowledge and experience in television, radio and print media. She is one of the nation’s most dynamic and entertaining speakers and is featured on NBC Daytime’s One Minute Manners in over 100 television markets.



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