This Week’s Theme: ‘Round The World!

straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required

We believe the Midlife Road Trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis so each week we host a super fun online therapy session. You’re invited to join the conversation for some lively chat about a fun new topic each Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 EST on Twitter.

Just follow #NUTS on Twitter (or use this TweetGrid) and answer the questions using the hashtag or you can answer the questions on our Facebook Fan Page. We and our Guest Therapists ask a new question every 6 minutes in what feels like the Fastest Hour on Twitter!

Our Guest Therapists perform an invaluable service to the Twitterverse as they guide followers through each Not-so Usual Therapy Session. They have signed up to receive the official weekly email containing the top secret questions that will be tweeted at the designated times to the audience of #NUTS. Guests Therapists are encouraged to submit topics and questions for future sessions. They’re awesome people and you should follow them🙂

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