Regis Philbin, my mentor. How do you measure a career? #RegisFarwell

Regis Philbin has long been a mentor of mine. Not in the sense that we knew each other but he was someone I studied, admired and respected. He got his ‘big’ break in his 50’s and today he started his next chapter at 80!

I was always in awe of his quick wit and self deprecating humor. His passion on stage was contagious and I laughed along with him every step of his career. His goal was to make viewers happy, feel better about themselves after every show and he did. I will really miss that.

Sitting in the studio audience and seeing Regis host LIVE was on my Bucket List and sadly I didn’t get to check that one off. Perhaps I’ll meet him on his book tour or after one his stage performances. Maybe I’ll even have an opportunity to interview him. After all, I’m in my 50’s and like my mentor, I’ve only just begun!

“This was the last chance I had in this business, to make it here in New York. I guess it was fate that it would happen this way, and it did. Twenty-eight and a half years, and we’ve had a wonderful show and a great time.” Regis Philbin

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  1. Sandra, Sorry you never got to be in the studio audience of the show. The best part of producing for “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee” was the 60 minutes each day we were on the air. The other 11 hours of my work day were complete W-O-R-K. 🙂 I did have dinner with Reege several times in the ABC commissary and with the staff at a restaurant he used to be part owner in near the studio. Reege was and is a great guy and TV legend. I’m honored to have been a part of the show for a short time.

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