UEBoomUntil Verizon Wireless sent me an Ultimate Ears Boom bluetooth speaker for review, I never really saw much use for owning one. Though I have an extensive collection of MP3’s on my smartphone, I would only listen using earbuds to spare other passengers from my eclectic taste in music which ranges anywhere from Aerosmith to Frank Sinatra to Willie Nelson.

I have a killer stereo system at home and didn’t really see any benefit in using the UE Boom until my wife decided that we needed to clean the garage. I don’t know about you, but for me, working with music in the background somehow makes the work go faster and easier. The UE Boom filled the garage with music and I was able to switch songs, control the volume and pause the music with my smartphone as we moved crap from the garage to the basement.

Though I am certain that we will use the UE Boom again this spring when we clean the basement by moving crap back to the garage, this small device with big sound got me to thinking how cool it could be on a road trip.

This weekend I will be tailgating at the Alabama vs. Auburn football game. The UE Boom plus a good box of wine equals an instant portable party. Yes, I said a box of wine. Specifically, a Black Box pinot noir. It’s a good quality and will pair well with the BBQ critters we plan on consuming as we stream the game through my smartphone to the UE Boom.

When I get home, I’m going to stream Pandora or local radio in my office as I work; and this summer, I’m going to use it by the pool both at home and on the road! I’m thinking about buying one for my parents who always put me on their speakerphone whenever I call. Maybe I wouldn’t have to repeat myself so often if my voice were projected through the UE Boom:)

How would you use a UE Boom if you had one?

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