What We Did

Visiting London has been on my bucket list for a long time. So after meeting up with my  Mongol Rally teammates, Dave, Deb and Sherry to prepare our car and assemble the gear we would need for the journey, I couldn’t resist taking in a few sites.

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What We Ate

We found several wonderful places to eat within easy walking distance from our apartment.  The Shepherdess is very reasonably priced cafe open only for breakfast and lunch where I had my first spot of tea in London. For dinner, we ate at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen. The food was excellent. I’ve never been one to go dumpster diving, but I must admit that I was tempted:)

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Where We Stayed

We connected with Oh-London was generous to put is up in a wonderful apartment in London right across from Jamie Oliver’s production studio.  The apartment was clean, neat, secure and had a full kitchen, where we were able to cook many of our own meals and save a lot of money. One of the best things about the apartment is that it is in easy walking distance to stores, restaurants, bus and train lines.


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