jeanetteJeanette Joy Fisher … and a Twitter Chat called #Nuts Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm est we host a Twitter Chat called #NUTS or Not-so Usual Therapy Session. It’s a fast and fun hour where we talk about Food, Travel, Adventure and the Funny Side of Life. It’s a great place to meet to new people and have a few laughs to break up the day! We have a lot of people who have chatted with us from the beginning and who are regulars at the chat. We call them “Guest Therapists.” The folks that proudly earn this coveted title perform an invaluable service to the Twitterverse as they guide followers through each #nuts Not-so Usual Therapy Session. They have signed up to receive the official weekly email containing the top secret questions that will be tweeted at the designated times to the audience of #NUTS. Guests Therapists are encouraged to submit topics and questions for future sessions. They’re awesome people and you should follow them:) …  We’d love for you to join the conversation and become part of the “Funniest Chat on Twitter”.  We have begun a weekly series to introduce you to the #NUTS posse.

Jeanette Joy Fisher

Jeanette Joy Fisher

Meet Jeanette …. Jeanette Joy Fisher teaches and writes about design psychology and spiritual marketing psychology. She hosts Joy Film Events, Music Festivals, and Garden Weddings at her southern California Temecula wine country home. Jeanette publishes a wide variety of books through Joy Publications and helps authors write and promote themselves. Her mission is to inspire friendship and prosperity worldwide to bring about peace.             

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