henie resinger Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist and #NUTS Guest Therapist! As a photographer and mixed-media artist, Henie Reisinger smiles when people praise her vision. Unknown to all but a few, Henie sustained a serious eye injury at one-year-old, leaving her left eye completely blind and her right eye with limited vision. As an artist, Henie considers her work post-visual; her focus is tapping into the core of matter, meaning and experience.  

Henie’s recent artwork encompasses sustainable and environmental pieces that utilize recycled elements from culturally relevant sources. Rich in texture, these pieces are highly evocative. Through her assemblage of words, pictures and contours, the artist structures her pieces by touch, trusting that the iconic imagery—so resonant with sense memory—will tell the story.    

Henie’s signature photography is defined by raw, unaltered images that capture the vivid essence of her subjects. “The shots find me,” Henie says. “I just receive the messages.”

Henie promotes numerous non-profit organizations and charities via social media and provides worthy causes high visibility and an added voice.  Most recently, she held a 48-hour live Web TV show that streamed worldwide on behalf of Doctors Without Borders under the 12for12k non-profit banner. She is the founder of Captures, a non-profit organization for photographers who document and support compelling social causes.

Within social media circles, Henie is known as the “Kindness Ambassador”. She established the United Nations for Global Kindness, which allowed her to personally engage with individuals from every country in the world. Spreading global kindness is the only criteria required to join.

Henie lives in Venice, California, enjoying the prolific art community it offers.

 henie reisinger“All my credentials are in my soul.” ~Henie Reisinger~


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