Looking for a Healthy Snack? This almond and date delight T is inspired by Larabar, a popular line of whole food bars that feature dates. This version mimics the taste of the beloved Almond Joy. While it wouldn’t be considered  a low-fat snack, the combination of fruit, nuts and chocolate is much healthier than any candy bar. Recipe below.


8 oz. package pitted, unsweetened dates

¼ cup chopped almonds

¼ cup shredded coconut

¼ semi-sweet chocolate chips

¼ tsp. salt


1. Chop the dates into smaller pieces.

2. In three batches, blend together the first four ingredients in a blender or food processor. Add a pinch of salt to each batch.

3. Roll mixture into one inch balls. Recipe makes about 25 date balls.


This healthy snack option submitted by our  very talented MidLife Road Trip intern and budding baker, Jessica Kemper. Jessica is enrolled at USF St. Petersburg, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications.

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