Pristine wilderness, heavenly vineyards and stunning sunsets over the ocean: nothing can beat the immense natural beauty of South Australia. The unbelievably beautiful landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and traces of the continent’s Aboriginal past have captured the imagination of travelers from all around the globe for centuries. 

That’s why we’re eager to share with you some of the most exciting picnic destinations where you can grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some fantastic gourmet treats to experience the most memorable picnic of your life.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleuireu Peninsula is undoubtedly one of our favorite places to spend an unforgettable holiday in South Australia. This place offers a wide range of recreational activities for everyone, whether it’s water sports, golfing, hiking or sky diving. There are countless adventures to be found here, but besides being a famous playground, Fleurieu is also among the best picnic spots in the state. 

The variety of local grown foods is incredible. Here you can taste the most famous Australian soft and hard cheeses, olives and other treats. Fleuireu is is also the place to choose the best wine from over a hundred cellars featuring wines from the main South Australian vineyards. Go for a picnic on the sandy beaches of Fleuireu Peninsula to enjoy fresh, local and delicious food on the pristine coasts of South Australia.

Belair National Park

Belair National Park is a recreational park resting on a natural conservation area just eight miles south of Adelaide. It’s the perfect place for family picnics with plenty of adventure playgrounds for children. Whether you are up for a challenge along the bushwalking trails, or prefer a relaxed picnic and recreational time on the green fields of Belair Park, this is a great destination for all abilities and ages.

Himeji Garden

Himeji Garden

This picturesque Japanese garden in Adelaide is a peaceful paradise for families, couples or anyone looking to find zen in a quiet and private place within the city. There is a pond in the middle with lilies and fish, and sometimes you can also observe groups of ducks just swimming around or nestling on the nearby rocks. But why do we recommend this place above anywhere else? Because it’s definitely the best place in South Australia to have a sushi picnic, especially for a date with your loved one!

Eyre Peninsula

The Picnic Beach on the Eyre Peninsula is undoubtedly among the most romantic places where you can take a partner on a picnic date. From there, you can begin a magnificent trip on a boat sailing through some of the world’s most beautiful coastal hideaways. You can taste the richest wines and best gourmet food in South Australia, while watching the sun descending over the ocean… isn’t that one of the most romantic picnics you can imagine?

Carrick Hill House

Carrick Hill House

Carrick Hill is another tourist treasure with a great twentieth-century cultural heritage where people of all ages can discover plenty of wonderful places both inside and around the house.

After a picnic lunch, you can go for a guided tour inside the house or find something nice from the gift shop, while children love to explore the Story Book Trail, discovering sights from beloved storybooks. 

Adults can pre-order a picnic box from the Carrick Hill Café and have an unforgettable picnic at this quiet place (but take note that alcohol can be consumed only in the licensed area and barbecuing is forbidden). Regardless, Carrick Hill is a simply amazing picnic spot just a stone’s throw from Adelaide’s city centre.

Murray River

The mighty Murray is the longest river in Australia. All along its ebbs and flows, you can find truly magnificent places to see, just seven miles southeast of the little city of Mathourа, the gateway to vast ancient forests that still bear the spirit of the Ngarrindjeri and Nganguraku Aboriginal peoples. The picnic point road leads to the Moira forest walkway and the walking path to Poverty Point.

The whole region is a popular camping and fishing area, so if you’re not content with just hauling along a picnic basket, you can pitch the tent for an overnight adventure. Just don’t forget to bring up the fish grill or your favorite BBQ sausage roller.  Along with the gorgeous scenery and water adventures, those going out for a picnic along the Moira walkway will find beautiful resting points and barbecue facilities.

Clare Valley

Clare Valley

Looking for an energetic way to spend your time around the scenic trails of South Australia? It’s time to grab your bicycle and discover the Clare Valley Riesling Trail – an old rail line, now transformed into a scenic bike trail. Peddling along the Clare Valley is relatively easy, even for the most inexperienced of cyclists. 

And you’ll be immersed in Aboriginal history, fascinating landscapes, vineyards and lookouts along the way. There are many lovely lookout points in Clare Valley, all of them having great picnic facilities. This is an exciting and intimate picnic destination, and best of all, it’s totally free. We recommend this trail for any bike and picnic enthusiasts exploring the beauties of South Australia.

When the weather is fine, take a blanket, put some food and a bottle of South Australia’s finest wine and explore some of these incredible picnic spots resting on the edge of the world.

Dimitar Raykov is a freelance writer, music reviewer and a food blogger.

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