Naked FitnessThey’ll be a lot of miles for us to cover in four weeks on Rand McNally and USA Today‘s Best of the Road rally. Lot’s of sitting and driving in between visiting the amazing small towns on our route. The older you get the harder it is to stay in shape and stay competitive. That’s why we consulted with our good friend and fitness  expert,  Andrea Metcalf  who gave us exercise travel tips we can do on the road to stay fit.
Here are Andrea Metcalf’s 5 things you can do on the road:
1) Count your steps.  Even wearing a pedometer and getting in 5-10 minutes of walking at each rest stop or fuel fill up can add up but only if you are aware of opportunity.  
2) Lift your seat!  This move strengthens the arms and back of the legs.   When you are in the passenger seat, put your hands on the seat and lift your bottom off the seat– like a reverse plank.  Hold the position from one exit on the highway to the next.  
3) Minute to burn.  At least five times a day, try to do one timed minute of quick, high intensity moves like a burpee or jumping jack, running in place or squat jumps.  These bursts of exercise can actually increase your energy levels!
4) Hotel Hundreds.  Each night before bed or right after you wake up in the morning, complete 100’s!  Try for 100 situps or pushups or 100 lunges.. or a combination of each!
5) Rocking seats.  Even while sitting in the car you can rock it out.  For an entire song on the radio, try to rock your hips back and forth lifting one cheek off the seat and then the other!  
Stay fit while on the road Sandi and Rick – and don’t forget the curls ( a few oz of red wine at the end of your journey can go a long way!) 
naked fitnessAndrea Metcalf:  Andrea Metcalf was never overweight.  A true athlete during her youth and college years at DePaul University, she loved teaching fitness classes and learning about the body.  Armed with a exercise science teaching degree, and many training certifications, she started helping people achieve optimum health and eventually opened her own fitness studio.  To reach more people, she started pitching health tips to news and media.  Over 28 years later, Andrea has built a trusted background as a health and fitness expert being a contributor to many national magazine mentions, (Fitness, Prevention, Shape & more), almost 1,000 TV appearances including the NBC Today Show, GMA Health and Better TV as well as the worldwide web being trusted by Oprah, Huffington Post, Rueters Newswire, Weekend USA Today and many others weekly on a weekly basis. A weekly radio appearance on the National Good Day Show as well as regular guest spots on Martha Stewart and Bob Greene radio, keep the words coming to the airwaves to inspire healthy living.She shares tips and videos through social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FitStudio, Sharecare with Dr. Oz  and as well as hosts personal weekly #FitnessU tweet chats to help inspire and educate people to be healthy.As a best selling book author, Naked Fitness (Vanguard Press) has sold over 15,000 copies and her Keeping Fit DVD series being mentioned on Rueters health report recommended for people in their forties, Andrea speaks to business professional groups, corporations and nationally on behalf of the American Heart Association.  Her bare essentials include a positive mindset, simple alignment tips and walking for weight loss.  Andrea Metcalf – Be Moved.

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