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Mamallapuram Beach, Chennai

Mamallapuram Beach, Chennai Image courtesy of Tourism Media

As one of the world’s foremost civilizations, India has been referred to as the “Golden Sparrow” because of its past riches. The warmth and hospitality of the mighty hearts of India’s people prevails still today making it a destination everyone should visit in their lifetime.

Though India is widely known as the spice center of the universe, a hub for mathematicians, and home to the scientists who invented zero and discovered life in plants; its history, culture, food, festivals, art, natural beauty, and most lunatic cricket fans in the world make a visit to India an unforgettable experience.

Being the world’s largest democracy with a stable economy helps make India resoundingly safe for foreign travelers. The biggest questions you will have will be where to go, what to eat, and what to do. So to help you with your decisions we are highlighting the lifestyle, festivities and the delicacies of the four major metropolitan cities of India.


Photo by Ville Miettinen, CC BY 2.0


Enunciating with the political capital city of the country, New Delhi was embellished by Sir Edward Lutyens, who crafted the layout for Rashtrapati Bhavan, North and South Blocks, Supreme Court and many buildings of national importance. Delhi, formerly known as Indraprastha owns the exuberant streets of Chandani Chowk (Old Delhi) namely, Kinari Bazaar, Meena Bazaar, Paranthe wali gali, Karim’s (best food joint with authentic ambience for non veg food lovers), Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Ginormous shopping malls and multiplexes adorn the city too, with IT tycoons layering the neighboring districts of Delhi (NCR) in pursuit of following the international suit. The city is well connected via Metro and public buses, and is extremely secular. The vividness of Holi and the spark of Diwali illuminate the city during festivities majorly. Chhole Kulche is the must have food item, from the streets of this city.


Photo by Andy Hay, CC BY 2.0


Next, we hop on to the second major city of the country out of the prestigious four. Mumbai, the one stop shot destination for everyone with an affinity towards Haute Couture. The second largest film industry of the world, Bollywood, National Stock exchange (D-street) and the Indian giant firms’ setups make it the financial capital of the country. The south Mumbai regions of Colaba, Bandra (with exorbitant property rates) can be the soul stirrer of anyone who looks forward to settle in tranquility at the seashores. The must visits over here shall comprise of Juhu and Chaupati Beaches, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Marine Drive, Leopold Café n bar and the filmcity. Ganesh, Chaturthi, and Janmashtmi are the highlighted festivals of the city and are marked exotically. The has a terrific system of local trains and double deck buses in place in the name of convenience. Vada-pav, a vegetarian fast food dish, shall be savored without fail!


Photo by VtTN, CC BY-SA 4.0


Third on our list is, Chennai. This sober city is synonymous to the early morning yawn of an infant as sunbeam strikes his cherry lips. With hill stations laden around, Chennai’s people enjoy an elegant way of life bereft of the flaunting attribute. Their sheer culture of gulping idlis, sambar and dosas on banana leaves, and sipping filter coffee is one of a minimalist and is praiseworthy. If you’re feeling light on your pocket for accommodations and food, then this is nature’s call for you to brace yourselves for one heck of a trip! Artistic temples, placid beaches, controlled pollution levels and a high literacy rate of the indigenous people can probably, never fail to flatter. Onam and Pongal are the major festivals of the state and are celebrated with great pomp and show.


Photo by Vishaka Jayakumar, CC BY-SA 2.0


We’re wrapping up our list, with Kolkata, the largest city of India (in terms of area). Kolkata is a must visit especially during the Durga Puja Season which falls mostly in October. (Durga Puja is a celebration of the Mother Goddess.) Howrah Bridge is the pride of the city and the yellow cabs adorn the city, quite differently from the rest. Trams and underground metro provides a good transportation system throughout the city which chiefly survives on delicious fishes, Rosgulla and Mishti Doi.


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