Travel is inspiring in so many amazing ways. One of our favorite inspirations comes in the form recreating dishes for family and friends that remind us of destinations we have visited. This all-in-one breakfast dish we’ll call “Eggs Gargano” was inspired by a trip Rick took to Gargano, Italy.

eggs breakfast


Olive oil
1 lb Italian Sausage
1 medium onion (diced)
1 jar green olives (diced)
1 jar black olives diced)
1 handful of sun-dried tomatoes – chopped
2 handfuls of grape tomatoes / halved
1 handful of baby spinach – chopped
6 leaves of fresh basil – chopped
8 globs of goat cheese
8 chicken eggs



Brown the Italian Sausage, with onion and olives in some olive oil on the stove top (medium high heat).
Once the sausage is brown, reduce to simmer and stir in the tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach. Cook until the spinach wilts (about 1 minute)
Transfer the cooked stuff into a baking dish
Evenly disperse 8 globs of goat cheese
Sprinkle basil over the top of the pan
Evenly Disperse 8 whole eggs (without the shell) over the top of the dish
Bake at 300 until the eggs turn white
Let it rest for a few minutes and serve over slices of toasted baguette

Toasted Baguette:

Slice baguette
infuse olive oil with fresh sage
add equal part of melted butter
dip one side of each slice of bread into the warm sage infused olive oil & butter mixture
Bake at 300 to desired level of toastiness 🙂


Here are a few photos from Rick’s trip to Gargano, Italy. 

Gargano, italyGargano2

Have any of your travels inspired any of your dishes? 



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