kids on a summer cruiseWith the summer upon us families will be hitting the road, the surf and the sea creating lifetime memories or nightmares! 

As a kid my family traveled often. My dad owned a series of motor homes over the years and we were gone most weekends and summers. We had some great times and amazing memories.  My husband and I took the reigns from my dad years ago and I have tried to create similar memories for our daughter and granddaughters.  This week we’re taking the girls, ages 10 & 15, on their first cruise. While I have been on quite a few cruises, this is the first time we’re “Cruising with Kids.”

Since it’s only four days we thought “family time” sitting poolside, chatty dinners and hopefully lots of laughs.  Traveling with kids in MidLife puts a whole new spin on things We’re looking for suggestions to make this a memorable four days for the girls. Tell us your experience, words of wisdom, sage advice and what to do or not to do.  

HELP!!  Please leave you comments below …

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