We Love a Good Road trip …. after all we call ourselves the “Midlife Road Trip” which for us is the “Perfect Therapy for a Midlife Crisis”.  We are always on the go. We just returned from a Four Week,  7200 mile cross country road trip, in search of the Most Patriotic Small Towns in America! We were barely home and we already started planning the next adventure. There is so much to see and do and a road trip is the best way to see everything. You can stop when ever you want, you can take the highway or veer off the beaten path, you can follow a map or throw caution to the wind and make it up as you go along.  You are the commander of your car, the duke of your destiny, the admiral of your auto!

You can go with the masses have been before or make your own way. You can pick your own playlist, create your own signature ‘snack pack’ and check things off your bucket lists along the way. Road Tripping is liberating, it’s as American as Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie.  Take in a drive-in movie, ride down Route 66 or take down your top (only if your driving a convertible) as you roll along the Pacific Coast Highway. Breathtaking scenery and a lifetime of memories, a good old fashioned road trip is the perfect solution to get you going for the #SummerOfDoing

As part of Bing‘s week of Wanderlusting, you can enter to win an awesome prize!  The Big Bing B&B Getaway

It’s a chance to win a weekend at an out-of-the-norm home away from home. This week, two winners will get:

·  $1500 to stay somewhere awesome and $1000 for traveling expenses

Good Luck Ya’ll!

While in San Francisco, the Midlife Road Trip ventured to Lombard Street to take on “crooked-est street in the world”

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