100 Photos from Our Viking River Cruises Adventure in Portugal

When I experienced Portugal on Viking River Cruises “Portugal’s River of Gold” cruise, I absolutely fell in love with the country. Unlike so many of Europe’s better-known destinations that are overrun with tourists, Portugal provides opportunities for more authentic cultural emersion. Here is a collection of 100 of my favorite photos from the Portugal portion of the trip.

My journey began with a couple of days of exploring Lisbon before heading to Porto where I boarded the Viking Torgil for the Douro River portion of the trip. The natural beauty of the Douro Valley with the quaint villages, hillside vineyards left me feeling like I was living inside a postcard. As a fan of food, wine, history, and architecture I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!   

Though this trip included an excursion into the beautiful Celtic city of Salamanca, Spain, I chose not to include those photos here as I’m saving them for another album:)

 The entire catalog of our Portugal photos can be found on our Flickr page.

Special thanks to Viking River Cruises for hosting me on this amazing trip!!

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  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing!

    • Noemi gonzalez says:

      Gracias por tus bellas fotos,me hiciste recordar mi viaje tan bello a Portugal, es un Pais precioso lleno de encanto Porto con sus bodegas su cafe Magesti .y su bella bolsa de valores con-su sala Arabe, la iglesia de San francisco,Estacion de trenes con sus magnificos azulejos. tanto libreria lelo,la bella biblioteca de Coimbra Evora con sus ruinas Romanas,Fatima con su bello Santuario, Sintra con su palacio Pena,el hermoso monasterio Batalha con su claustro real y LIsboa preciosa cuidad llena de encanto con su bella plaza del Rossio .Plaza del Comercio,Palacio nacional de Ajuda, impresionante museo naciona de azulejo en fin tannto que ver pais tranquilo y seguro y comida deliciosa en cafe Nicola Gracias por tus fotos estan preciosas.

  2. Rick Griffin says:

    Thanks. You’re very welcome. Y’all would love Portugal …and Viking River Cruises! Cheers!

  3. Linda says:

    What a great tease for us. We head to Portugal for the month of May. This just excites me more! Thanks !

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