Did you know that the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, has been gaining popularity among Hollywood and world movie stars by engaging them in world-class entertainment and social events? Tabloids have reported  sightings of Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Pamela Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert relishing Kiev’s vibrant social life.

It should come as no surprise then, when there were reports and sightings of Rick Griffin & his Mongol Rally teammates Dave & Deb Bouskill and Sherri Ott about town!

Rick’s 1st hand account of their visit: While walking through the town square someone (paparazzi we presume) kindly offered to take our team’s picture. They slapped pirate caps on mine and Deb’s head, snapped a picture then tried to make us pay for their services. We may have given them some pocket change but we weren’t in the mood to pay for something we didn’t ask for.

I’m not sure if Sponge Bob was in Kiev as a tourists or if he’s originally Ukrainian.
Here’s some of the incredible art and architecture around the city’s center at the  Monument to Independence.

Several other Mongol Rally teams were in Kiev the same time we were

and they invited us for food and drinks at a nearby Irish Pub

It was good exchanging stories with other ralliers about their experiences as we learned of challenges they had faced, including bribes they had paid and where they were headed next.  
We agreed to hook up with a team of 3 delightful young English chaps called the “Fighting Trousers”
and caravan with them through much of the remaining journey.

We were fortunate that our friends at RoomsORama.com found us an awesome apartment right of the main square! 

I was excited to get to check something else off of my bucket list: Eating Chicken Kiev in Kiev!  
And of course it would be downright rude not to sample some of the local desserts.


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