veterans day

Veterans Day became very personal to us when we had the honor and privilege of meeting hundreds of Veterans across the country during our Rand McNallyUSA TODAY Best of the Road journey in 2012 where we were charged with of finding the most Patriotic Small Town in America. No easy task.

Until that trip, we measured the significance of a journey by how many fun things we got to do, the great things we got to eat and the beautiful things we got to see. Throughout the 7200 miles we traveled, we met the most incredible men and women, who selflessly, generously and with great pride served our country. We spoke with and got to know Wounded Warriors, Commanding Generals, USO Volunteers, Parents whose sons and daughters were casualties of war  and Medal of Honor recipients. We shed countless tears. We heard amazing stories.

And, it is with sincerest and heartfelt gratitude that we say THANK YOU to Veterans of the United States Armed Services for the many sacrifices they have made.

We encourage you to visit the Most Patriotic Small Towns in America as we did. They are:   Watertown NY,   Duluth GA,   Deland FL,   Enterprise ALGainesville TX and Mandan ND The Six MOST PATRIOTIC SMALL TOWNS in AMERICA!  They touched our hearts, changed us for the better and each and everyone of are heroes in our eyes!

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