Who knew making the Ultimate Party Appetizer could be so simple yet so flavorful. Every once in awhile you find a brand that captures your attention(and taste buds) and it becomes a staple in your kitchen. That was certainly the case with Intensity Academy. Their award winning marinades, chups and hot sauces are regulars in the MidLife Road Trip pantry.

Chai Thai Meatballs

Known the world over as the Ultimate Party Appetizer
The recipe is simple because the Sauce does all the work….such Saucy Goodness in each bite!

2-3 lbs frozen party style meatballs or make fresh
1 bottle of Chai Thai Teriyaki
9-12 oz. Apricot Preserves
5 sprigs of green onion chopped
Mix all ingredients and roast in oven 350 for 40 minutes.

Chai Thai Meatballs http://bit.ly/chGoeZ

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