Twitter has been my beacon of light on a dark night, an umbrella in a storm, a friend to lean on, a comedy club, a cookbook, a travel agency and a breaking news resource among a myriad of other things. The MidLife Road Trip as we know it today began as a conversation between strangers on Twitter. Nonsensical chatter in 140 characters, who knew?

Since that initial conversation the MidLife Road Trip has evolved. We’ve driven NASCAR, we have learned to make Shrimp and Grits,  interviewed our ‘idol’ Mark Burnett,  learned to ski, jumped out of a plane, roped at a Texas Rodeo and simply met some of the most amazing people.

It got me thinking about how it all started on twitter for me and what has happened since that very awkward first @McMedia tweet. I  found a blog that had a link to find your first tweet. And Here is what I found:

#1 @AgingBackwards Looking forward to reading your book! 9:16 AM Oct 29th 2008

Jackie Silver a.k.a. @agingbackwards introduced me to Twitter. She told me it would open up a world of possibilities for me.  It did that and then some! At the time she had just written a book. I read it and loved it!

#2 I’m the new kid on the block.. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes 6:12 PM Oct 29th 2008

Well, what can I say about this tweet. It just sounds just pitiful. 😉

#3 Congratulations Chris Brogan on being named one of the Mass High Tech All Stars ! 4:25 AM Oct 31st 2008                                                                                                                                                         

I learned right out of the gate that I had to follow @ChrisBrogan He was an early adapter and new the ins and outs of social media. Over the years he has been a great resource for me. No wonder why I didn’t have any followers at the time. I had yet to comprehend the importance of the @ symbol.

#4 Went to the closing ceremony of the Tampa Breast Cancer 3 Day. It’s inspired me to walk next year in honor of my friend Renee, a survivor! 9:17 AM Nov 3rd 2008                                                      

This was a joyous day! My friend Renee grinned from ear to ear as her daughter Sofia & her 3day Team crossed the finish line to the closing ceremonies. There was so much hope, joy and love that day. Renee died on Monday, January 18, 2010. I have a million wonderful memories and one powerful Tweet to remind me of my dear friend.

#5 Interviewing couple married 68 years, he’s a WWII veteran & she worked as Rosie the riveter. Remarkably, she’s saved all his love letters! 7:54 AM Nov 6th 2008                                                

Clarence wandered into my life at the YMCA. Yes, there I was working out at 6am cursing the morning and in walked 90 year old Clarence with a rousing good morning. (He too was there to workout as he did 3 mornings a week.)  We would chat about his life, my life, our mutual love of garage sales and he’d tell me about the good old days.  I had the pleasure to interview Clarence & his beautiful bride Maureen for our CBS affiliate. It was an amazing love story that spans almost 7 decades! They are still as in love today as they were when they married. While I no longer work out at the Y (Clarence still does) we ran in to each other of all places a garage sale! You can catch a glimpse of him & I in the MidLife Road Trip sizzle reel!!

#6 Thank you Sara Evans for the great information on the do’s of Twitter. 11:46 AM Nov 10th 2008                   

Who knew when I sent this Tweet that not only would I learn volumes from @prsarahevans, her #JournChat on Monday nights and her Tweets, but I would eventually meet her on a Bloggers trip to Rancho La Puerta, we would become friends and our paths would cross around the country. I’m STILL learning from the Brilliant Sarah Evans!

My humble twitter beginnings of one or two Tweets a day have inched into the double digits most days and triple on others, especially during #nuts …..

Happy Birthday Twitter, wishing you many more …..







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