Having a best friend who is a professional writer definitely has it’s perks. Her husband hates to travel so she often takes me on her adventures as her plus-one. Whether it’s cruising in the south Pacific, exploring old cities in Europe, or taking a road trip to check out a new resort it is always is always an honor being invited as her plus-one. Along the way I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to be a plus-one who gets invited back.

Whether you’re traveling with a travel writer friend or a spouse to a business conference, adhering to these do’s and don’ts are essential if you don’t want to be a plus-one-and-done.

Work come first

Remember the person who invited you is not on vacation, this is his/her job. They will be working and networking throughout the trip. While there is almost always time for fun, be mindful  that for your host, work comes first.

Support your host

As a plus one, it is your responsibility to help out wherever possible. You should be prepared to patriciate in group activities, go on tours, take notes, pictures, and video or anything else that may be needed. You are the wind beneath his/her wings!


You will often be invited to participate in group events and meals. Somebody is footing the bill for your participation so you need to be present and participate, even if you’d rather be laying out by the beach or taking a nap. So socialize, be gracious and engaging.


Know your place. Have a glass of wine or a cocktail but never overdo it. You should always carry yourself like a professional. You are a reflection of the person who invited you. Your actions could have an impact on whether your host gets invited back or not.

Pack to please

Know the dress code for your destination. Some trips are very casual, while others are more dressy so pack accordingly. Your host is likely a seasoned traveler who knows how to pack light.  If he/she he or she likes to travel with just a carry-on in order to avoid the hassle of baggage claim, you should do the same.

Give each other space

When traveling with anyone, it’s always nice to give each other a little space. There is usually plenty of free time for you to see the sights and explore on your own and your host is likely to need some alone time to get work done. Just be sure to keep each other apprised of when and where you will meet back up.

Be grateful

Always be grateful for the experience and express your thanks for being invited. There is a long line of people waiting to fill your plus-one spot.

Lucille Canesa is a native New Yorker who now calls the west coast of Florida home. She fell so in love with the white sand beaches, warm sunny weather, and relaxed vibe, she decided to buy vacation rentals so others could experience summer all year long! When not hosting visitors from around the world, you’ll hear her traveling the globe. She is also an accomplished artist and decorator.  





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