We love Twitter Chats, after all we created one of our own ( #nuts ) just over 2 years ago! They’re fun, a great way to meet like-minded people and learn about a subject near and dear to you. One of favorite type of chats is the Food Chat. You can find a food chat on Twitter just about any day of the week which is why we created the Top 10 list: Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter. Let the countdown begin!
10:  The key to any Twitter chat is participation. Research the theme & be prepared with links, pictures that you can possibly share.
9:   Share basic ingredients – you can’t always fit an entire recipe into 140 characters so share the basics
8: Comment on other people answers, pictures, recipes. You’ll find some amazing recipes during a Food Chat. Give some Twitter love and comment on those you really like.
7. Humor and Food are a great combination. Retweet witty comments or answers that you love  or create a few of your own.
6. Stay in the conversation: Remember to use the hashtag – or no one will see your post
Cupcake5. If you don’t have an answer to a question, retweet the question and comment on other’s answers
4. Make new friends. Follow anyone participating in the chat that you’re not already following
3. Let your followers know that your participating in the chat and invite them to join the fun
2. Thank new people that you interacted with during the chat  Always thank the hosts – they put a lot of effort in promoting and facilitating the chat
1. Comfort is king during a Food Chat. Wear stretchy pants!
Some fun food chats to follow on Twitter:
9am #WeekendEats
4pm est Monthly #EatTheWorld
4:30 pm est #FNIchat
8pm est #FoodieChats
3:30pm est #NUTS
4pm est #PantryChat
3rd Tues at 8pm #FoodChat
9pm #agchat
 12:00 pm est #HGeats
12:30pm est #AskFR
8pm AESDT 3rd Wednesday #EatKit
2pm est #HerbChat
4pm 1st Thursday #SpiceChat
8pm est #SpicyChat
8pm est #WFMdish

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