“Sit or Squat” is one of my favorite smartphone apps. It’s a search engine that uses your GPS coordinates to find nearby restrooms. Users are able to add and rate restrooms and leave comments. Green, yellow or red flags appear on a map indicating the restroom’s location and aggregated user rating.

It’s a must have app for any road trippers who might… well, you know… prefer sitting to squatting. My wife and daughters love it. My Midlife Road Trip co-host, Sandi, loves it. And while I’m not that picky about where I go, I love this app just because some of the user comments and pictures (yes, you can attach pictures) are quite entertaining.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorites:
“changing table does not appear safe for larger children”
“WARNING: This restroom is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY!”
“Very impressive! Clean enough to eat off the floors, but not suggesting you do that”
“bring a pine cone. it’s bound to be a better alternative to this excuse for toilet paper”
“wifi hot spot, features condom vending machine and auto flush!”
“clean with lots of amenities, but the attendant creeps me out”
“stall door has no lock and swings open – had to hold it closed with my foot”
“Restroom is clean, but the phone number on the stall wall is no longer in service”

As more and more people utilize the application and take the time to add, rate and comment on restrooms, users will have more choices and more reliable information.

As I prepare to embark on an epic 6 week road trip in this summer’s Mongol Rally, I’d like to encourage everyone in Europe and Asia to begin utilizing “Sit or Squat” or one of the other clean restroom apps such as “Find a Potty”, “MizPee” or “Clean Restroom Finder” so that my teammates and I will make good decisions along the way… or at least have some entertaining reading… Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, could you please record you comments in English? Thanks!

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