isis mobile appWhat if there was a safer, simpler and smarter way to pay? Well, there is! This season, smart shoppers are using smart phones. The Isis Mobile Wallet™ is a free app that lets you pay with your smart phone. Kind of like the Jetsons only for real.

Isis Mobile Wallet™ holds virtual versions of many things your existing wallet does, including your credit cards from participating providers. A simple tap on your phone allows you to pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Is it really safe you ask? Well, it has:

  • PIN-protection. Select a unique pin each time you open your Wallet.
  • Remote Wallet locking. If your device is lost, one call or click can freeze your Wallet.
  • Personal privacy. Isis® values your privacy. What you buy is between you and the merchants you patronize.

Set-up is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1  Select your carrier

Step 2 Select your phone

Step 3  Get the App

How does it work?

The Wallet organizes your payment cards, offers and loyalty cards in one convenient app on your Isis Ready® phone.

A technology called NFC* (Near Field Communication) enables your phone to communicate with the checkout terminal at any merchant that accepts contactless payments.

Tap to pay with Isis® anywhere you see the contactless symbol – that’s over 20,000 locations nationwide.

isis appSome of my favorite merchants are participating making this year’s holiday shopping a snap (or should I say tap). They include: Aéropostale, The Coca-Cola Company, Champs Sports, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Toys R’ Us, Jamba Juice and Macy’s.

If all that isn’t enough to sway you to give it a go, you can save money through special offers and loyalty cards at participating merchants.




*Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless #VZWLife team and received a device as part of this program. I am a long time Verizon customer and all opinions are my own.*



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