Oprah isn’t the only one who has “Favorite Things” … With the holidays upon us, we thought this would be the perfect time for us to share some of our ‘Favorite Things’  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the things we love from food & wine to things that we think are clever or that we think might make a perfect gift.  However, unlike Oprah, you won’t be getting a car or a trip to Australia …

Imagine having breakfast before you even get out of the shower. With Sweet Soaps Bacon and Coffee Soaps you can have breakfast while you shower!

Sweet Soaps is the brainchild of Ellen Cagnassola. All of SweetSoaps products are handcrafted and made in the USA.  Using nothing but  the finest ingredients and fragrances Sweetsoaps puts a unique spin on soap. In addition,  SweetSoaps is an eco-friendly company that recycles all packing materials as well as being energy conscious in their manufacturing process.

There is nothing worse than aching feet, especially when traveling. Footzyrolls to the rescue! Footzyrolls are flat shoes you can roll and put in your purse or even you pocket.  So the minute your dogs start barkin’ take out your fashionably cute & comfortable Footzyrolls. They come in a variety of styles and colors from Flip Flops to Ballet Flats.  In addition Footzyrolls has pledged to give a percentage of yearly revenues to the United Way …

Making things people really want to buy is a fun business and Tech Candy does not disappoint! They have created a line of beautiful, hip designer iPhone and iPad cases that not only protect but allow you to express your personal style. With Tech Candy cases your iphone/ipad becomes a conversation piece and an accessory.

Tech Candy is supporting a great cause—Circle of Health International—with each and every purchase of their Single Blush Inner Wrap. Circle of Health International (COHI) provides quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn care to women in times of crisis and disaster. Ensuring safe births during unsafe times, COHI works in areas of need and has worked in Haiti, Louisiana, Tibet, and Sudan–among others.

I wonder if  William G. Barnard who founded Vitamix in 1921 could have imagined the success his product would achieve, and that’s just in my house! There are few products that I love for their versatility as much as the Vitamix. I have made everything from soup to ice cream and every smoothie known to mankind in between. It comes with a cookbook and there are hundreds of recipes online. I even use it to chop my vegetables!

Years ago while on an extremely noisy and long Transatlantic  flight, a friend asked me to listen to something on his ipod which was attached to his Bose Noise Canceling Headphones. That’s all it took and I was hooked. Suddenly, I was no longer on a nerve jangling airplane but in my own little cocoon of quiet. I vowed never to fly without them again and needless to say as soon as we landed I bought a pair. They’re also great if you want to politely ignore a gabby seat mate!



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