Average Jo MagazineThere’s nothing ‘Average’ about Average Jo Magazine ! Born from an awareness that the average American woman, the “Average Jo,” is not the same as the typical fashion model “as seen on TV.” She is more often a woman balancing full-time college with a part-time job, or a job outside the home with a “full-time family” and a household budget, or is a woman establishing a new career and trying to balance that with time to spend with her boyfriend, husband, and/or friends.

The Average Jo comes from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and a variety of daily life circumstances.

Launching this spring,  Average Jo Magazine’s focus is to encourage and equip the average American woman to achieve a physical, mental, and spiritual life balance by providing useful everyday resources and tips. Their hope is that together, we can all begin to celebrate more of life’s moments, build on core values, and encourage each other along the way.  At the end of the day, each Average Jo hopes to put her feet up, tilt her head back, exhale and feel like she has made a difference.




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