Q1. What’s your “go to” gift that’s suitable for just about anyone

@gomarwrites:  Chocolate! #NUTS

@travelerkate:  You can never go wrong with books. Half the people love them, other half won’t admit they never read

@wordsdonewrite: An Amazon giftcard is always a winner in my book. Who CAN’T find something they want on Amazon,

@lele647:  gift certificate for dinner #nuts

@Brenda_Farrell: RT @EpsteinTravels: Children especially love this yuletide treat #NUTS ->Unless they are allergic, of course<-

@momsofamerica: A1 – Airline Gift Certs! 🙂 #NUTS

@la_loquita: A1 – GIFT CARDS :))) perfect in a pinch

@cokeman777@shelbilavender Q1. What’s your “go to” gift that’s suitable for just about anyone #NUTS <- panties (Glad I’m not on your gift list)

Q2. Do you re-gift? Have you ever gotten ‘caught?

@MPM_MediaGroup: I have regifted many a time…I know mom has regifted 1 of my gifts but she’ll never admit it #nuts

@WriterChick47: A2 Only the talking fish that @RickGriffin gave me #Nuts

@RickGriffin:  Fruitcake was invented for re-gifting #NUTS

@cognac62 some loser sent me a birthday card and had a name SCRATCHED OUT already. HA #NUTS

@kymri: A2. Do I re-gift? Of course! Better for the environment – Reduce Reuse Recycle and REGIFT!!! #NUTS

@KimRandall I think RTs might be more sought after than a re-gift LOL #NUTS

@la_loquita: i’m regifting this year… just can’t decide which of the kids i don’t need anymore #NUTS

Q3. Best gift you ever received

@McMedia: A3 This past year with my dad #Sentimental #NUTS

@Thesuss: Any gift is the best gift ever, in the moment after you open it… if the giver is standing there… #NUTS

@MamaRitaMary:  Somethings my kids made when they were little #NUTS

@WriterChick47:  A remote car starter. I live in Michigan. Nuff said?

@kymri: When I was a kid, I used to be mesmerized by an antique globe lamp that my aunt had. One year, she gave it to me for Christmas

@AFarrell09:  some of the best gifts were things people did for me not something I could hold. xo #nuts

Q4. Worst gift you ever received

@Displaced_Texan: Is it wrong to give meat as a gift for Christmas?

@Thesuss: Xmas Ornament regift, with “Christmas” cut off of the tag, because I’m Jewish. I was told it’s a “millenium star” #NUTS

@lele647: one year hunny got me a long teeshirt with a chicken and no legs the socks had the legs on them. It was terrible LMAO

@momsofamerica: ROFL ws it a Regift!!! RT @McMedia: Expired Cheese Basket

@ciaobella50: A night dress, Yes a “HouseCoat” like from the 50’s !!!

@jessicanorthey: a broken heart! 🙁 #BoysAreSilly

@SueanneShirzay: I once got a change holder for my car #nuts #worstgift

@producergirl: Sewing machine instead of GI Joes when i was 9.

@danperezfilms: Set of steak knives to the Mrs – she cut her thumb unpacking the knives… #NUTS

@RickGriffin: a frozen chicken from a houseguest #NUTS

Q5. Best Place to shop on-line

@RickGriffin: Kegworks has some cool products for friends who enjoy libations http://bit.ly/hoBrQo

@dave_link: TheFoundary and Overstock are two of my favorites… quite a few better than average sites as well. #NUTS

@Thesuss: On the couch. As far as you know. I’ll never admit to shopping while on the toilet. #NUTS. #misinterpretedquestions

@furbal25 zappos!

@travelerkate:  Skymall.com. I think I’m getting my dad a dog DNA test #NUTS

@deniselao: My top online shops: @neimanmarcus @saks @amazon #nuts

Q6. Best travel related gift

@LoriMoreno: A ticket to Kauai

@phylisebanner: A stack of addressed postcards from where I was going given to me by my friends before I went there to send back! #NUTS

@AFarrell09: I hear @PGAVillage_Golf is a cool spot.

@_KimRandall: A6 Gas gift cards to get home for the Holidays when I lived up north#NUTS

@MamaRitaMary: Airline tickets to a cruise ship voyage!! #NUTS….I don’t hope for much, do I??

@Got2havecoffee: I so would buy…lol RT @RickGriffin: A6. I kinda like this underwear for TSA body scans http://bit.ly/e72cKL

Q7. Best/Worst stocking stuffers

@WriterChick47:  None. I forgot the stocking stuffers. The next year I mixed up the kids stockings. They’ve never let me forget it. #Nuts

@RickGriffin:  Best stocking stuffers – Legs of course! #NUTS

@LoriMoreno: Best: Emeralds Worst: Can’t tweet it

@SantaDearest#Nuts Anything that sharp that could run the stocking.

@AFarrell09: . Coal #1 for sure

@deniselao: My mom used to fill my Christmas stockings with Perugina Baci – still luv ’em #nuts

@wenphd:  Best stocking stuffers: Nice legs. Worst: Coal? Personal grooming items like nose-hair clippers? Hard call here. #NUTS

@Vagabond3Live: No idea what #NUTS is… but I’m going join in! My mom gets us the same stocking stuffers every year- razors, gum and socks. every year

@SchuggaJoy: Stocking Stuffers … CAshEWOOoooo ‘s … ‘scuse me … #nuts

Q8. Favorite food gift to give/receive?

@kymri:  Favorite food to give – homemade and decorated gingerbread cookies 🙂  Favorite food to receive? Breakfast in Bed 🙂 #NUTS

@dave_link: Omaha Steaks, of course! #NUTS

@Whiteflash: A gift of #nuts and #diamonds would do the trick this holiday season ; )

@karenmcallister: <–Loved getting @OmahaSteaks packages from my dad.

@delwilliams: red velvet cupcakes

Q9. Most embarrassing gift you ever gave/received?#NUTS

@MamaRitaMary: My son gave his brother a bottle of Colon Cleanser one year!…#NUTS/he cares about your fiber !!

@SantaDearest: Something intimate from Victoria’s Secret. I guess it was kinda reverse psychology.

@travelerkate: My mom always gives me underwear, and just asked if she should get some for my fiance. I said no, to avoid the most embarrassing #NUTS

Q10. What is the #1 Gift on YOUR list this holiday season?#NUTS

@la_loquita: — the SHARK STEAM MOP! :)) and again YES I”M SERIOUS and yes i’m #NUTS

@MidlifeRoadTrip An Airline Sponsor

@travelerkate:  I want a new Macbook Air for travel writing, an iPad for the plane, and iPhone for every other time. And a Mac sponsorship #NUTS

@jennheffer: A new pair of UGGS, just found them at a local store last night! Whoohoo!!! #NUTS

The After Party

EpsteinTravels: Biggest Problem with Twitter…my sarcasm is really hard to read…I need a sarcastic face symbol…ideas? #NUTS

kymri: Hey, who do I follow to get the #NUTS questions? (oh goodie, another distraction, lol!)

@SantaDearest#Nuts @la_loquita Just what kind of therapy is this? I thought someone would be able to help with me with my Santa complex.

RT @RiWrites:@MomsofAmerica We R both certifiably #NUTS! Hope no one on Twitter has a#NUT allergy! LOL

@EpsteinTravels: I’m 2 Followers away from 2000….Who’s it gonna be? Who’s lucky 1999? #NUTS <-win a date with the @zipsetgo girls!

@la_loquita: oh no!! @MomsofAmerica is in twitter jail :((( #NUTS

@CailinONeil#NUTS I’m missing #NUTS again!#NUTTTTTTTTTTSSSSS!!!

@Vagabond3Live: But really though, what is #NUTS?!! I want to play!!

@AFarrell09: I’m getting hungry… #nuts

@familyfoodie: Looking forward to next weeks #NUTS Love the theme “Festive Foods”

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