WOW what a fun session!  In just over an hour, our #NUTS reached an audience of over 400K followers! If you missed the session, or if it just flew by too fast for you to keep up, here are some of  the humorous and heartfelt responses we received to this week’s questions as well as some of the fun and lively after chat discussions.

Q1. Most unique dish you serve/eat at a holiday dinner #NUTS

Congratulations!  @2happyright  winner of  “Stocking Stuffer” giveaway Fischer Nuts Cookbook from @fishernutsbrand #nuts

Vagabond3Live: we cook a huge pot of seafood gumbo- no ham or turkey at our house!

MagellanPR:  Beetroot tart with grilled goats cheese

Trybarefoot: Hmmm….home in Newfoundland. Peas pudding.  Peas Pudding Recipe ->

kymri:  Tofurkey Roast. We’re vegetarian, and though we know lots of others, they all wuss out and eat turkey at Thanksgiving

travelerkate:  Last year we had a Robert (my cousin) themed dinner. Everything we ate was an animal he shot. Isn’t that just so sweet?

GoApril: Prisnic – kind of like quiche

gomarwrites:  A brie and cranberry pizza

FrancescaMaz: The lamb’s head thingy my Italian great-grandma used to make at Easter

NJDreaming: Most unique dish you serve/eat at a holiday dinner — mom’s cream cheese filled celery sprinkled w/ paprika

Banff_Squirrel: Gumdrop cake. It’s like Xmas cake, but sub gumdrops for fruit & nuts. Yummy & pretty!

Q2. Favorite “Festive” Cocktail or beverage #NUTS

Congratulations! @NJDreaming Winner of Q2 “Stocking Stuffer” giveaway Fischer Nuts Cookbook from @fishernutsbrand #nuts

pizzalogger:  spiced eggnog

RickGriffin:  Wine makes any event “Festive” 🙂

kymri:  Gluug

gomarwrites: Pomegranate martinis

WeekendInParis: Love Champagne for New Year’s Eve & Christmas is alwas time for a good #French Burgundy.

FrancescaMaz: I serve homemade mojitos at Christmas Eve dinner. Lets me pretend I’m somewhere warmer than frigid Chicago.

StayAdventurous: .I normally take Baileys on Christmas day, but this year I might switch to Amarula. The cream cocktail is so #christmas to me

Trybarefoot:  Plain ole red vino – with a candycane on the side – 😉

Vagabond3Live#NUTS I love hot spiked apple cider- perfect anytime of the day!!

EpsteinTravels:  Mulled Wine, preferably while walking a Christmas Market in Europe

MamaRitaMary:  I use peppermint pieces for brewing my coffee

2happyright: The Dirty Irishman combo Frangelico & a wee bit o’Bailey’s!!

ElizabethOnFood:  the very retro but gorgeous Snowball

Q3. What is your favorite “go-to” food when unexpected guests show up? #NUTS

Congratulations!@Banff_Squirrel Winner Q3 “Stocking Stuffer” giveaway Fischer Nuts Cookbook from @fishernutsbrand #nuts

kymri:  hummus and baba ganouj dips with pita – always seem to have a stash in fridge.

Trybarefoot:  if they’re lucky they might get some of that gluug stuff! 😉

EpsteinTravels:  I have a feeling I know what @Banff_Squirrel‘s go-to food for guests is: acorns & brie…DUDE LOVES BRIE

McMedia: Pasta a zillion different ways, quick & easy

WeekendInParis:  Fav go-to foods are Chicken tenders & Au Gratin potatoes from Omaha Steaks. Pull ’em out of freezer & voila!

TheOtherEstevez: <– Alcohol

circulating:  apple slices and pastry wrapped brie

RickGriffin:  Cheese Whiz and Koolaid

momsofamerica:  A collection of left overs recycled to look gourmet! perhaps with added #NUTS

travelblggr:  I usually have a couple of bags of frozen bertolli in the freezer. Easy to stick in the oven and keep entertaining.

travelerkate:  Bruschetta is always perfect for visitors. It makes the house smelly yummy and is super easy to make.

_Sue_Ross:  Cocktail Weenies. ( I just like saying weenie with a straight face )

familyfoodie: Love to make my Roasted Red Pepper Dip shaped like a wreath#nuts

MagellanPR: Bruschetta with hint of garlic, tomato and mozzarella

BtrVacationRent: Try shrimp w piece jalapeno inside wrapped bacon-grilled! Dip in jalap/ranch

@LucieD_inthesky: cheese, crackers and wine are my go-to food/drink for drop ins

Q4. Best holiday appetizer? #NUTS

Congratulations! @familyfoodie Winner of Q4 “Stocking Stuffer” giveaway Ibarra Chocolate & Molinillo #nuts

@TravelMaestro: Always keep bags of polish mistakes ready in the freezer – yummy sausage n velveeta “pizzas” on cocktail bread

FrancescaMaz: My mamma’s cheeseball. It is delicious!

WriterChick47:  I’ll camp out around bacon wrapped scallops

cruisebuzz:  My favorite holiday appetizer is green sushi

gomarwrites: mini crabcakes and scallops wrapped in bacon – except I want to eat them all and not share. Not very festive 😉

MamaRitaMary: family always requests blackberry brandy meatballs! They are yummy!

sherryfetzer: I love baked oysters!!

CailinONeil: My famous layered dip or my moms homemade nuts-n-bolts yummmmm

nancyberk:  clam dip!

ElizabethOnFood:  Rudolps on horseback

Q5. What is your favorite Family Holiday Tradition? #NUTS

Congratulations! @MagellanPR Winner Q5  MidLife Road Trip Coffee Mug and Starbucks Gift Card #NUTS

WeekendInParis: A5 Making fun of my husband’s obsession w/Frank Sinatra Xmas music is the boys & mine fun tradition…LOL thinking of it!

GoApril: Going to my in laws for a HUGE x-mas Eve party!

WeekendInParis: A5 Santa lays the stockings at the foot of the bed in the middle of the night, even now that the boys are 16/19

TravelMaestro: A5 fave family tradition is driving thru the 3 mile Celebration in Lights display at the park

momsofamerica:  Spending time together and sharing our lives…

BtrVacationRent:  Baking cookies with my teenage girls.

FrancescaMaz: That’s easy. The feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve.

travelblggr: Now, why am I not surprised??? =) RT @sherryfetzer: HILARIOUS!! RT@Trybarefoot Q5 Sarcasm. 🙂

kymri: Well it’s usually travel, but when we’re hone we bake Liebekuchen

familyfoodie: Our favorite Holiday tradition is our meal: Always Crown Pork Roast and Italian Wedding Soup

KimRandall: Nothing says Happy Holidays like an argument in my family

pen4hire: We have an International Xmas.Tamales and Irish fish choweder on Xmas eve, Stollen on Xmas AM

MamaRitaMary: Every Christmas Eve we get together over a coffee table full of appetizers while opening presents, followed by mass together

Jodi_Kendall:  A Christmas Eve fondue dinner w/ a showing of White Christmas.

Banff_Squirrel: Post-Xmas-dinner crokinole tournament

ehalvey: Watching A Christmas Story all day and quoting it word for word.

gomarwrites: Playing multiday marathon Risk and Monopoly games

travelerkate: Family games. Not board games, competitive ones, minute to win it style mixed with mind games. Intense!

@rickgriffin:  Arranging neighbors lawn reindeer to look like they’re mating <–GlampingHub: haha I think yours is the best 🙂

AFarrell09: Always love to put up the Nativity Scene every year.

MagellanPR:  Long walks before lunch before opening of mildly funny, always useless, cheap “table” presents over lunch!

CailinONeil: Family Lobster boil w/ a deep fried turkey and glazed ham on the side

StayAdventurous: Christmas Eve in NYC. Dinner, Show, spirits and spirits. it’s family and its #nuts

@pen4hire: When my mother was alive, she always gave her two girls cans of olives in their stockings.

Q6. How do you deal with irritating house guests? #NUTS

Congratulations!  @Trybarefoot    Winner Q6  MidLife Road Trip Coffee Mug and Starbucks Gift Card #NUTS

GoApril: I don’t invite them!

@WriterChick47: Give them the wrong address & eliminate their arrival in the first place!

mobilelawyer: Solution…. I don’t have a house. No where for them to visit.

gomarwrites: Suggest they call the nice condo complex w/ daily rentals down the street

kymri: A6. absolutely nothing. I just let my neurotic sister do all the dishes and sweep and dust all through the holidays lol

CailinONeil: Turn the Christmas music up louder 2 drown them out / scare them away

travelblggr: A6. I send them out to run an errand =)

amberdegrace:  Drink

Trybarefoot: Serve them the left over peas pudding!

@sherryfetzer: I have a special stash of cookies that have ex-lax baked in to the recipe 😉

travelblggr: Don’t eat the cookies at Sherry’s

@BrooklynNomad:  I drink until they’re entertaining.

ehalvey:  I think I might *be* the guest you can’t get rid of. Not my fault I can’t drive in Ireland

GoApril:  we have them show up at my in laws for the kids – my nephew gets on their roof and the whole shabang

artistatlarge: Give them a lot of chores to do to keep them busy

Trybarefoot:  More red vino, more sarcasm and then a solo of “OH Holy Night”!

BtrVacationRent:  Tell them to stay in a Vacation Rental of course!

MamaRitaMary: Giving them plenty to drink will either make them pass out or become funny enough not to be so irritating

EpsteinTravels:  Best way to deal with irritating house guests is to challenge them to a Dance Off by saying: “It’s On, Bitches.

WeekendInParis: Ooooh, leave the phone number & address of the nearest Marriott on their bed…usually works.

FrancescaMaz: Since holidays are usually at my house, I “disappear” for a while. Only way to conserve whatever sanity I have left!

DoubleClickTech: I don’t invite them in the first place. We all know who is irritating before they come over…LOL

Q7. What is your favorite holiday dessert? #NUTS

Congratulations!  @WeekendInParis Winner Q7  MidLife Road Trip Coffee Mug and Starbucks Gift Card #NUTS

gomarwrites:  Barely baked cookie dough

WeekendInParis: Oooo, oooo, oooo I know this one! It’s sugar cookies!!!!!

AFarrell09: My 90 yr old godmother’s Bavarian cream pie.

TravelMaestro: Mom’s Apple Crisp!

gomarwrites: I hope someone is bringing that festive green jello salad with the marshmallows grandma used to make

EpsteinTravels: You had me at bourbon. RT @travelblggr: A7. Just one dessert? Pumpkin cheesecake with gingerbread crust and bourbon cream

ehalvey: A7. Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Christmas pudding, trifle, and Baileys.

Banff_Squirrel: Frozen chocolate marshmallow rolls covered in coconut – I call it a Drool Log

travelblggr: Just one dessert? Pumpkin cheesecake with gingerbread crust and bourbon cream

cookiesforakoz: Original chocolate chip… my mom’s recipe. 🙂

Trybarefoot:  Figgy pudding <don’t ask!>

RickGriffin: –> @DolceDebbie‘s Rum Cake #FoodOrgasm

sherryfetzer: I LOVE Red Velvet cake!!

MagellanPR: You are a squirrel with exquisite taste! RT @Banff_Squirrel: A7: Frozen chocolate marshmallow rolls covered in coconut

FrancescaMaz: If it’s chocolate, I like it.

dave_link: A6. Swedish Almond Bars! My grandfather’s old family recipe… like mini almond flavored pound cakes.

travelerkate:  My grandmas Christmas cookies. To. Die. For.

_Sue_Ross#NUTS . Stickey Toffee Pudding…

WeekendInParis: Recently had the BEST RV cupcake at #Sprinkles in San Diego & now they are in TX too!

CharlesMcCool: A7. Chocolate chip cookie pie (aka Tollhouse pie), warm with vanilla bean or caramel ice cream

CailinONeil: Nanimos!!!!!!

wenphd:  What is your favorite holiday dessert? A: Peppermint Bark or Pumpkin Pie. (Not at the same time.

@Seville_Writer: M&S Lemon Meringue Pie dessert cookies. Warm, with creme fraiche.

Q8. What is your favorite line from a holiday movie? #NUTS

Congratulations! @gomarwrites Winner Q8  One lb Chips Chocolate Factory Kansas City Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge #NUTS

AFarrell09:  Yes Virginia… there is a Santa Claus

_Sue_Ross#NUTS Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window. – Ralphie

sfBirdie: Home Alone: How can u give Kris Kringle a parking ticket on Christmas Eve?What’s next,rabies shots 4 the Easter Bunny?

WriterChick47: Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead? National Lampoon Christmas Vacation: Clark to cousin Eddie

kymri:  “Whoever heard of a Charlie-in-the-Box? or But I want to be a dentist!”

sherryfetzer: I TRIPLE dog dare ya! (Christmas Story)

@WeekendInParis:  “Everytime you hear a bell, an angel get’s its wings!” Makes me cry, the good cry every time!

ehalvey:  He looks like a deranged Easter bunny.

CharlesMcCool:  “I want my house to be seen from space.” Deck the Halls. Silly, I know. Or from ELF, “Do you have any syrup?”

FrancescaMaz: “Smiling’s my favorite!” -Elf

EpsteinTravels: Best line from Holiday movie “God Bless us…everyone!” because I can totally rock a Tiny Tim accent

travelerkate:  Fra-gile. That must be Italian

gomarwrites: Love Actually: Without hope or agenda, just because it’s Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth, to me, you are perfect

katiecarroll1: “I hate Uncle Jamie!”

travelblggr:  “It’s aaaah TOASTER!” from Scrooged

sosbetty:  <La,la,la> sung to tune of jingle bells by Babe the pig. Same movie – duck saying <Christmas is carnage>

@MidlifeRoadTrip:  “These toilets are Gianormous!” ~ Efl

wenphd:  I’m Mr. Heat Miser…I’m Mr. Fun…(sing along…)

nancyberk: Feeling memory challenged w/ so many quoters.

kymri@EpsteinTravels OMG when I had a bad 80’s haircut my friend used to tease me with that line “I want to be a dentist!” LOL

FrancescaMaz:  “Santa?! I know him!!” –Elf

momsofamerica: Cmas Day is N R grasp as long as we have hands 2 clasp. Xmas Day will always B, just as long as we have we. Dr Seuss

TheOtherEstevez:  Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full

_Sue_Ross:  It’s a little nipply in here, uh nippy.- ‘ clark grizwald’

KimRandall:  You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa. – Elf

2happyright:  fav. movie line In miracle on 34th St. Kris Kringle is being taken to Bellvue you must be #nuts you’re not Santa Claus!

@Vagabond3Live oh… I also love “I’m gonna lasso the moon”- Jimmy Stewart stole my heart at 9 yr

Q9. Best “restaurant” meal during the holidays #NUTS

Congratulations!  @TheTrvlPrincess    Winner Q10  One lb Chips Choc Factory Kansas City Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge #NUTS

WriterChick47: A9: Any restaurant meal is appreciated since I don’t have to cook it!

ehalvey:  Hopefully the tapas at Taller de Tapes in BCN on NYE.

nancyberk: Finally something I can answer! Fried clams!

MagellanPR:  Usually something fishy – maybe fishcakes or cod dish – can’t cook good fish dishes at home to save my life!

kymri: A mug of starbucks coffee

travelblggr: Not a restaurant … but totally diggin the salted hot chocolate at Starbucks and Santa’s White Christmas at Barnies

WeekendInParis: This year, will be eating at The Peaks Hotel in Telluride –

ShannonOliviero: Anything from Flemings SteakHouse & WineBar

@Banff_Squirrel Any place that serves rice pudding with raisins & cinnamon – can never make it right

terraincognita: We like to recreate the Chinese restaurant scene in “A Christmas Story”

EpsteinTravels:  Ever been to a Chinese Restaurant on Christmas Eve…more of my Jewish brethren there than in Tel Aviv

deniselao: Best “restaurant” meal during the holidays (and any time): Steak frites or Moules Frites or… I can’t decide =P

RickGriffin: . Anywhere the in-laws don’t want to go:)

2happyright: Is there still a #McRib or mayba a fancy table for two at #whitecastle

momsofamerica:  The Blue Iguana restaurant in VA!

RickGriffin: Where is @ShellyKramer – She’s #NUTS -she should be here! 🙂

gomarwrites:  Chinese food taste great after traditional Christmas food. & just because my salt intake needs to catch up w/ sugar consumption

charthian: Building a snowman on the lawn in #NEWORLEANS!

EpsteinTravels: Loving seeing all of these poignant holiday memories from people around the world on #NUTS

TheTrvlPrincess:  Back in the day when i would ride in the back seat of my parents car…face plastered to the window….looking for Santa 🙂

ymri:  Going way back….going to the beach to build a sandcastles since we didn’t have snow 🙁

Q10. Best Holiday Memory #NUTS

Congratulations! @terraincognita Winner Q8  One lb Chips Choc Factory Kansas City Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge #NUTS

travelblggr: A10. Blessed to have many. =)

@lindsontheroad Awwww #NUTS I just caught on to what’s going on! Nuts! :p  Fresh powder and an empty mountain on xmas morning in #BC

@WriterChick47<- Well there was that one time we took my Dads scooter and jumped stacked beer cans! or My dad handing out the presents. With each present came a compliment. I miss that

ehalvey: Getting engaged on Christmas morning out on the in-laws’ lawn.

MagellanPR: Visiting Mamma Mia & entire family singing to Abba-Hysterical: especially as can’t sing

GoApril: First Christmas with my son when he got what x-mas was about!

BtrVacationRent: Thanksgiving on Maui. Snorkeled w/ turtles am, drank wine while cooking, & I thought it was my best ever The family did NOT agree

travelerkate:  Seeing Santa left me a suitcase and Italian Rosetta Stone. It took me an embarrassingly long time to piece it together

kymri: . I may sound like a broken record for those who play #TNI#TMOM, etc., but it has to be getting married in Africa on Thanksgiving #NUTS followed by getting engaged Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires

@TerraIncognita:  The excitement of waiting for Santa when I was a kid. Magical. Nothing can ever compete with that!

traveldesigned: Eating dinner at a 5 star restaurant in DC with my pjs on under my clothes after seeing National Christmas trees

familyfoodie: . Best Holiday Memory: Holiday Dinners Around The Family Table

2happyright:  yes I have many but kids knocking over tree I remember was a nightmare

@McMedia: A10 Santa putting the Tree up after we kids went to bed on Christmas Eve #Magical

Seville_Writer: smoking hashish on roof of houseboat on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir

WeekendInParis: Waiting at the top of the stairs for the “all clear” that Santa had indeed come & then running like crazy to the family room

MagellanPR: Always looked for santa’s sledge marks too! RT @Trybarefoot: A10 Looking for reindeer prints in the snow

FrancescaMaz: . Last Christmas, my daughter’s first Christmas. Loved watching her open her presents!

RickGriffin: Setting up the video camera for my daughters to see if we could “catch” Santa

_Sue_Ross#NUTS A10. That glorious instant as a kid when you first wake up, open your eyes, and then remember….. its christmas. #awesome

@sosbetty:  the yr the dog unwrapped all the pressies overnight on Xmas eve & ate e’thing edible

travelbyTerry#nuts my best memory is seeing my dad falling out of the attic butt first

pizzalogger: (as a child) Those furry christmas candies in the bottom of my red felt stocking and I still ate them

AvWeekBenet: . Best Holiday Memory #NUTS when I caught my dad eating Santa’s milk & cookies and the priceless look on his face trying to explain…

@HotelPRGuy: Raiding the minibar

traveldesigned: One year my GF watered down the liquor and we couldn’t get the bananas foster to flame-and we accidentally set fire to centerpiece

@LoriMoreno: This One! XO

MidlifeRoadTrip: Thanks to this weeks #NUTS Therapists @EpsteinTravels@travelblggr @sherryfetzer @copykatrecipes @WriterChick47 @McMedia@RickGriffin


Nebbil@LoriDeHaven @maherlee @robdehaven Has anyone checked to see if#nuts or #boobs are trending? Certainly a popular topic today…

LauraAllenTvl@CocksWithP search for #nuts and there is discussion of xmas engagements right now!

KuhnHondaVW:  whats with the #nuts???

gobyWest: What is #NUTS? Or should I say- who is? LOL!

Trybarefoot: Needed the escape today! Happy to discover #nuts chatters!

MagellanPR: I enjoyed my first #nuts therapy session – must join in again next week!

theexplorateur: Stumbled across #NUTS- what is this!? I’m intrigued!

traveldesigned:  #Nuts is a new twitter chat and it is CRAAAZY fun!

sosbetty: Loved the #nuts talk. Let me know when it is happening again.

WeekendInParis: This twitter chat is very un-PC for poor @Banff_Squirrel! Hope he doesn’t call the PC Police on us. 😉


Thesuss: Sorry I missed #NUTS y’all. Was busy bringing my snowblower in for repairs.

EpsteinTravels: Welcome! RT @TravelMaestro: Stumbled on #NUTS Was drawn in by the beverage chat! @EpsteinTravels you seem to know (and love) ALL of them!

kymri@theexplorateur come play! You certainly qualify for #NUTS status 😉

BtrVacationRent: Stumbled into #NUTS instead of working…and seems like there’s lots of familiar avatars.

Trybarefoot: DROOLING. #nuts

EpsteinTravels: 60 minutes of anadulterated awesomeness!

RT @travelblggr@goapril I saw cheese cubes and beer in the same line … and now I’m hungry for beer cheese soup

RickGriffin@travelblggr I say we put @GoApril in charge of bring snacks next week #NUTS

Banff_Squirrel: Woohoo! That’s love in a can!

BtrVacationRent: Yikes should have eaten lunch before finding the #nuts crew.

kymri: call me #NUTS, but I thought for sure someone would have noticed what’s hanging from my surfboard by now 😉

amberdegrace: Mistletoe!

Action_JoJo: Can you explain what the hashtag means? @ehalvey: I missed the first part of #NUTS so I’m catching up!

_Sue_Ross: Marry me. RT @StayAdventurous: a5. Christmas Eve in NYC. Dinner, Show, spirits and spirits. it’s family and its

NewYorkGuest: What’s going on with #nuts?

LucieD_inthesky:  I’m answering randomly and backwards,

sosbetty: What is the meaning of this. I am an annoying house guest and I love pudding – you ‘ll need to do better than that #nuts

@2happyright: everybody is so funny!!! laughing#nuts off

ehalvey@EpsteinTravels @travelblggr Ditto! I heart me some bourbon!

MagellanPR@elizabethonfood – think that should have read funny answers to quite sane questions! #nuts – all on a different theme each week

EpsteinTravels: I may just copy your Twitter stream & insert awesomes and pretend it’s mine.

travelblggr: Bourbon & eggnog, bourbon cream topping on dessert, bourbon pudding, hot toddy bourbon .

EpsteinTravels@travelblggr Your bourbon tweet made me spit out my coke…

ElizabethOnFood@MagellanPR I’d better join in then and open a bottle of wine

TheAlexLop: Thanks for answering my question! BAFFLED @travelblggr@stayadventurous @theexplorateur Stumbled across #NUTS– what is this!? I’m intrigued!

EpsteinTravels:  You ever do the tongue on poll? Admit it?

sherryfetzer: I stuck my tongue to my sled once…. it wasn’t pretty

inklesstales:   #NUTS (You have the most provocative tweets….)

@marciahoeck I do love the sweets over the holidays – why eat the real food?

sherryfetzer: It’s so great to see you too!! I LOVE being a #NUTS ‘therapist’!!

travelbyTerry: I see we have a new thing going on #nuts , sorry to have missed the fun!!

hotelPRguy: Scrolling thru’ #NUTS timeline now and OMG… LOL. Will join next week. Topic: last minute madness.

EpsteinTravels: It’s so much fun…we do it every week: RT @kelleyferro: What is NUTS? #NUTS

shellykramer I am here …. and yes, I am —> #NUTS

travelblggr:  T’was Fun! #NUTS!

EpsteinTravels: Exhausted, but it looks like I found lots of new funny people to follow after this “Therapy Session” #NUTS

theexplorateur: Definitely joining in on #NUTS next week. See you all there!

DeborahCJenkins: * I’m following all the fab folks who participated in today’s#NUTS What a terrific group!! Thanks to all … 🙂

LucieD_inthesky: I’ll have to mark my calendar for next week’s#NUTS, Mama (me, I mean) needs a new camera for Christmas.

TravelMaestro: Arrived late and had to leave early, but #NUTS was great fun in between! I’ll be back next time for sure!

WeekendInParis: …and to all a good night! Loved it!

Trybarefoot:  “THE END” <just kidding!> #nuts

Thanks to this week’s guests therapists EpsteinTravels, travelblggr@copykatrecipes and sherryfetzer (Don’t eat her cookies:) along with our regulars @WriterChick47, @McMedia, and @RickGriffin.

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for the cool prizes: Chip’s Chocolate Factory, Fisher Nuts Brand and Midlife Road Trip!

If you missed this week’s session, please feel free to answer below. Also, we’d love to have your comments, ideas and suggestions for future Not-so Usual Therapy Sessions. Thanks!

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