This week’s #Nuts Guest Therapist is Carrie a.k.a. @CruiseBuzz

What’s on your bucket list? 

My bucket list includes travel to places to see penguins, ruins, and water.

The Great Wall of China a huge Bucket list item that was checked off in early 2011

 What is your best Travel Tip

Bring extra batteries and invest in a good suitcase. 

What is your favorite recipe?

Sushi Lollipops from Qsine on Celebrity Cruises

Nigiri Sushi, Soy Center, Wasabi Mayo & Pickled Ginger-Radish Salad

What is the best vacation you’ve ever had?

Baltic cruise visiting 8 world captials in 12 days. 

 If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?

with Guy Kawasaki

with Guy Kawasaki

Sai Babba or Paramhansa Yogananda

 What do you think  is the best use of social media for Travel

#CruiseChat   #NUTS  and  #TTOT

A Favorite Recipe for the sushipops:

How to make a Sushipop (inspired by Celebrity Cruises Qsine speciaty restaurant)
Nigiri Sushi, Soy Center, Wasabi Mayo & Pickled Ginger-Radish Salad sides.
Celebrity Cruises serves the pops on a tray with a condiment bottle of wasabi mayo and two small glass fishbowls with pickled ginger and a radish salad.
Use any fresh sushi-grade fish that you like,  skewer and serve.
Nagiri Sushi is the style of sushi that has a piece of fish on top of sushi rice. Between the piece of fish and rice place a dab of wasabi and then place, wasabi side down, on top of the rice.
Traditional Roll: 2-3 oz of sushi rice flattened  on a sheet of nori (dried seaweed); fill with finely diced cucumber (maybe avocado) then roll; cut into pieces.
You can improvise on the ingredients if you want.

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