Why can’t I have a normal midlife crisis and just buy a convertible?

I’m turning fifty this year wanted to do something epic to celebrate. So when approached with the opportunity to take the ultimate road trip, with thee of the world’s foremost travel bloggers, Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD.com and Sherry Ott of OttsWorld.com,  I jumped at the chance!

The Mongol Rally begins July 23 in London, England and ends several weeks later in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. That’s a 9000 mile trek across two continents and fifteen countries on some of the world’s worst roads – all for charity…and for my midlife crisis therapy.

 My bucket list includes visiting every continent and every country. The Mongol Rally will give me the opportunity to put a dent in the list as we transverse Europe, cross into Russia and navigate through Wholebunchastans before entering Mongolia. We’ll be going to places that even Rosetta Stone can’t pronounce.

Mongol Rally - Best
Our team is called the Social Media Syndicate. We’re the official “Unofficial Team of Social Media”. Along the way, we’ll be writing, blogging, vlogging and tweeting about our adventures as we get on each other’s nerves, smell each other’s body odor, share experiences and form bonds that will last longer than any any convertible.

While I’ll be spending the summer under the stars of the Mongolian desert, my Midlife Road Trip co-host, Sandi McKenna, will be spending the summer under the stars as she is planning a tour of five-star resorts.


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