As self proclaimed “chocoholics” we were thrilled at the opportunity to have a “hands on” fudge making lesson at Chip’s Chocolate Factory.  It’s easy to find, just ‘follow your nose’ to the fabulous chocolate aroma wafting on the second floor of the Crown Center in downtown Kansas City.

And we’re not not kidding about the smell of chocolate … It is everywhere! How anyone could pass this by is unfathomable. When you enter the store to the right is a cavalcade of glass counters filled to the brim with the over 120 hand made luscious chocolate confections, more than 24 flavors of fudge each and every day. Everything from fudge to gourmet candied apples as big as your head!

To the left however, is where the magic happens. The marble slab where they make the perfect fudge. The large copper caldron is where the fudge begins with only a small wooden gate separating us from all the goodness. As we mosey over through “the gate” and into the fudge arena, we learned that they have been using the same method of making fudge that was developed over 100 years ago. We stirred and bubbled the hot molten chocolate that was then poured on to a cool marble slab. Next the real fun began. We rolled the fudge with a large wooden paddle on the slab, sometimes tossing it the air. Of course some of it flew on to us “by accident” … When it was sufficiently aerated we rolled it into a loaf and sliced it. Chip’s has been around for over 30 years. That’s a lot of fudge making and it shows.

The fudge was creamy and so chocolate it left us wanting more. Good news, they ship around the country so we can relive our awesome fudge making experience one pound of fudge at a time~delivered right our own front door!

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