Technology and skin care have collided in a new Web site that promises to provide “unbiased skin care advice.” The site,, searches through a database of over 150,000 skin care products across 4,500 brands, finding the “perfect solution” for all types of skin. The technology factors in a person’s skin concerns, skin type, ethnicity, lifestyle and genetics to provide recommendations that are the “perfect fit.”

Besides the scientific algorithm working on the site, there is also a community of people called Just like Me, which claims to “transcends Twitter and Facebook updates.” The Just Like Me community is comprised of men and women who have similar skin concerns, genetic profiles, etc. Skin recommendations are driven from this special Just Like Me group. The site refers to this community as, “Science and social networking working in combination.” was the brainchild of two Harvard Business School graduates, Rahul Mehendale and Sava Marinkovich who, along with leading cosmetologists and dermatologists, have created an unbiased source for people to make better decisions about skin care products.

“We are passionate about helping users navigate the product clutter in skin care by helping them find products that actually WORK for THEIR skin. We help women – and men – save time, money and effort in finding the right product for their skin,” says co-founder Mehendale.

mySkin is Mehendale’s third start-up. Sava, an honors EE graduate from West Point, and Mehendale met while classmates at Harvard Business School.

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