One of the most stressful things about travel is deciding what to bring along on your trip. It’s a natural tendency to want to be prepared for every contingency . As a result we then to cram everything we can think of into our luggage and carry-on bags. Over the years, we’ve learned that “traveling light” is much easier than having to deal with bulky luggage. Here are 7 great tips to master the art of packing.


Number One Rule: If at all possible Do Not check your bags. By packing smartly, a carry-on can get you through a good 5 to 7 days on the road.


Pack one basic color. For me, black works well and can be worn casually by day and accessorized for evening.


Keep your “complimentary” color to one or maybe two.


Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes and “outer wear” such as sweater and/or jacket on the plane. I accessorize with a pashmina scarf. (They can also double as pillow/blanket)


Zip Lock Bags are a must! I pack every outfit into a gallon size zip lock bag. I then “remove the air” and it literally flattens down to nothing and I can fit twice as much in my carry on luggage. Note: Rick thinks the ziplock is the perfect accessory to bring to the buffet


In addition as my “second” bag I use a messenger style bag that holds my lap top, noise canceling headphones, ipod, cosmetics and wallet.  I’ve got it down to a science….


I also make sure that anything the has to be removed to be put in a bin at security is on top of the bag and easily accessible. The true beauty of the zip lock bags is 1) if TSA rifles through your bag bystanders are not “privy to your skivvies” 2)  It takes just a couple minutes to put everything back in it’s place, no fuss no muss!

What are your tips for packing like a pro? 




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