Tailgating Etiquette
As we pack and get ready to leave for the University of Alabama’s Football Season Opening Game and Tailgating Extravaganza it dawned on us, “Is there such thing as tailgating protocol?” So we asked Etiquette Expert, Patricia Rossi what to do …
1-Make a list and check it twice …..  Prepare the day before2-Arrive 3 to 4 hours before the event …… scout out your spot & to set up etc

3-It’s just one big pot luck Festival …. So make enough to share

4-Use Zip Locks to store your meat. ….  tupperware is a No No

5-Don’t be a Mooch-….. Don’t show up with just a smile-offer to bring something and bring double

6-Don’t Jack your music to heaven ….. It’s a form of pollution

7-Set up with( Like) tailgaters … people who share your interest

8-Pack emergency items … like a flash light, first aid kit, rain gear and toilet paper

9-If you fly an American flag … Show respect, if you opt to fly other flags, American Flag sits highest, don’t fly it after dark

10-When you break camp ….. Make sure to be a safe grill master by being triple sure your coals are cool before you dispose of them

11-Bring trash bags ….. clean up your little area, in fact leave it better than you found it


Patricia Rossi, Etiquette Expert

Patricia Rossi’s “Manners Minute” TV segments air weekly on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and other affiliates throughout the U.S. Patricia is a sought after etiquette coach, consultant, public speaker, columnist, television and radio personality.
Patricia’s focus is on kindness as opposed to formality, relationships…not rules.
Her seminars on social and professional protocol are engaging and shed new light on modern manners from business leaders, professional athletes, children and young adults in real life situations.

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