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  • First Stop… Brussels

    First Stop… Brussels

    In their Journey from London to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, Rick and his Mongol Rally teammates, Dave, Deb and Sherry make their first stop in Brussels for some sight seeing as Rick checks something else off his Bucket List.  

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  • Brussels Scrapbook

    Brussels Scrapbook

    What We Did After the “Festival of Slow” in Goodwood, England, my Mongol Rally teammates, Dave, Deb and Sherry and I crossed into France via the Eurotunnel,turned left, crossed through the Netherlands and into Belgium and ended up in Brussels at the home of our wonderful hosts, Alison (@acornn) and Andrew (@Massin) where we shared an amazing meal of meats, cheeses, salads bread and salsa paired with Belgium beers, Champagne and French wine (I told […]

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