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  • The Art of Finding Great Value Wines – 5 simple tips

    The Art of Finding Great Value Wines – 5 simple tips

    Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to to be good. In fact, there are many quality wines for under $10, but there is an art to finding these gems. Though taking a chance on an inexpensive bottle of wine is hardly a risky undertaking, following these simple guidelines will help you with the art of finding great value wines. Research! The internet is full of awesome resources for wine lovers. One of my favorite sites […]

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  • Embarking on the Maiden Voyage of the Viking Star

    Embarking on the Maiden Voyage of the Viking Star

    Midlife Road Trip will be embarking on the maiden voyage of the Viking Star! Our journey will take us from Barcelona, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal with stops along the way in Cartagena, Gibraltar, and Seville.  We’ll be posting tons of pictures on  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram using the ‪#‎VikingCruises‬ and ‪#‎VikingStar‬ hashtags so be sure to follow along as this epic adventure unfolds! What would you most like to see or experience in these destinations? 

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  • The Luxe Insider

    Midlife Road Trip Among 2014 Best Travel Blogs

    We are honored to be included among The Luxe Insider luxury travel magazine’s 2014 Best Travel Blogs! Here’s an excerpt from the article. PUBLISHED BY FRANCOIS LE HECHO  SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 Luxury travel blogs are very numerous on the web, it can be sometimes difficult to find reliable and personal content from authors who really travel and visit what they are reviewing. We decided to highlight here our selection of best travel blogs in which we trust and […]

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  • Panning for Gold in Alaska

    Panning for Gold in Alaska

    As part of Prince Cruises #FollowMeAtSea Alaska Twitter trip, we took an excursion to the Eldorado Gold Mine to do a little panning for gold. Our tour was conducted by a Fiddle playing conductor who entertained us with songs and a wonderful narration of the history of  the Alaskan gold rush. The Eldorado Gold Mine employs a colorful cast of characters who showed us how to pan for gold. Once you see a few of […]

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  • Alaska ~ Duck Farts and Saddle Sores

    Alaska ~ Duck Farts and Saddle Sores

    There was no shortage of entertainment on our Alaska Twitter trip sponsored by Princess Cruises.  After returning from an incredible helicopter ride and glacier landing, we attended a fun filled dinner theatre.  The same wait staff who served our BBQ, were the cast members in the musical, “The Music of Denali”. Somehow the cast coaxed me up on stage – thankfully for the audience they didn’t ask me to sing anything. I just had to […]

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  • 10 ways to Leverage Social Media: Dream BIG and make it Happen!

    10 ways to Leverage Social Media: Dream BIG and make it Happen!

    10 ways to Leverage Social Media: Dream BIG and make it Happen! We started the MidLife Road Trip almost four years. It began as a simple conversation on Twitter. We actually met on Twitter. Rick lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife, while Sandi lives inTampa, Florida with her husband. We often joke we have almost 50 years of marriage between us but to other people. Rick was raised in the south, a true southern gentleman while Sandi grew up at a fast and furious pace in New York. Our unlikely social friendship has grown into a successful business partnership.

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  • Top 20 Twitter Travel Experts

    Top 20 Twitter Travel Experts

    The Travel Media Group released a white paper listing the Top 20 Travel Experts on Twitter. Congrats to Midlife Road Trip co-host, Rick Griffin, for eating and tweeting his way into foodie/traveler expert status with the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and Niamh Shields!   Here’s an excerpt from the white paper.      The Foodie – If you fit in The Foodie category you probably hate chain restaurants and are willing to try anything new. You get […]

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  • #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    Guess What? #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ Just Kidding, #WeMadeThatUp

    It is however, an hour of laugh out loud fun on Twitter. 1 question, every 6 minutes focusing on Food, Travel and Adventure for a total of 10 questionsbetween 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm est. Better than a soap opera, less irritating than The View, the #NUTS Twitter chat guarantees to put you in a good mood! Today we’re “Airing It All Out” as we explore the ups and downs of air travel. Hope you can join us, we have even created a Tweet Grid making it even easier to follow along!

    The numbers don’t lie.

    #NUTS averages approximately 11 million impressions per session.
    Our current record is over 23 Million impressions, reaching an audience of over 1.2 Million!

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  • Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr, a freelance writer, videographer and spokesperson with a focus on travel, food and social media who believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors.

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  • Meet Iain Mallory a.k.a. @MalloryOnTravel

    Meet Iain Mallory a.k.a. @MalloryOnTravel

    Iain Mallory a.k.a. Mallory on Travel ‘s  twitter bio says:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less; Traveller(√) Writer(√) Photographer(√) Wannabe Stormchaser(√) Caffeine addict(√) Adrenaline junkie(√) Good guy (erm)  ~We  have enjoyed our many exchanges with Iain on Twitter and thought we would ‘share’ him with you. He’s this weeks #Nuts Guest Therapist of the Week! 

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