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  • #NUTS Grand Finale!

    #NUTS Grand Finale!

    #NUTS Grand Finale All good things must end. Join us on Tuesday, May 26 at 3:30pm EST for our #NUTSGrandFinale! After five years of hosting Twitter’s Not-so Usual Therapy Session, #NUTS, we’ve decided to call it quits. Not because we’re cured and no longer need therapy, but because we need to focus on some exciting opportunities on our horizon. We’re not going away. We’ll still be traveling, eating, blogging, making videos, podcasting and participating in other […]

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  • #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    Guess What? #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ Just Kidding, #WeMadeThatUp

    It is however, an hour of laugh out loud fun on Twitter. 1 question, every 6 minutes focusing on Food, Travel and Adventure for a total of 10 questionsbetween 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm est. Better than a soap opera, less irritating than The View, the #NUTS Twitter chat guarantees to put you in a good mood! Today we’re “Airing It All Out” as we explore the ups and downs of air travel. Hope you can join us, we have even created a Tweet Grid making it even easier to follow along!

    The numbers don’t lie.

    #NUTS averages approximately 11 million impressions per session.
    Our current record is over 23 Million impressions, reaching an audience of over 1.2 Million!

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  • Twitter is #Nuts about Bacon, Wine and Chocolate!

    Twitter is #Nuts about Bacon, Wine and Chocolate!

    Growing in popularity week after week, the MidLife Road Trip’s Twitter Chat #NUTS (Not-so Usual Therapy Session) garnered some all time high numbers for last week’s Bacon, Wine & Chocolate theme. Thanks to regular Guest Therapist, Vicky Akins for submitting the topic and questions for this landmark session. No matter what the topic, #NUTS is interactive, informative and well, down right therapeutic! Laughter, does a body good! Join us each and every week  on Tuesday at […]

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  • Flights: the good, the bad & the funny! #NUTS Recap

    Flights: the good, the bad & the funny! #NUTS Recap

    Q1. What is your favorite/least favorite things about airports?#NUTS SweetSoaps I like a pre-pat down free meal or promise of marriage. @FlyingPhotog Watching people & planes. @avgjomag We know they’re necessary; but the security check point is least favorite. They’re called pedicures for a reason! @ilivetotravel Least: rude ppl, crowds, lines Best: seeing int’l destinations on the boards & needing my passport!

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  • #Nuts Recap … Travel Therapy!

    #Nuts Recap … Travel Therapy!

    What a fun and much needed therapy session for travelers everywhere. Special thanks are in order this week to our special guests @CoupleofSports for previewing this week’s questions with us on Road Trip Radio! Q1. What’s YOUR favorite mode of travel transportation?  #NUTS @amandaelsewhere  If I could sail the seas and sleep to the gentle rocking of the ocean every night, forever and ever, I’d be a happy girl. @ilivetotravel  A sled but it wasn’t […]

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  • In case you missed it or didn’t get enough the 1st time, here’s the #nuts Funny Bone recap

    In case you missed it or didn’t get enough the 1st time, here’s the #nuts Funny Bone recap

    Q1. What’s the best prank you ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?  #NUTS @CruiseBuzz The worst prank was taking my clothes from the beach while I was in my bday suit taking a swim at night. @myekulis  Friends and I used to glue quarters to the floor in front of the vending machines, then wait to see who would try & pick them up! @CaptainandClark  Chris once gave a friend oreos… but […]

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  • Wishy Washy #NUTS

    Wishy Washy #NUTS

    Welcome to our Therapy Group! This Week’s Theme: *Wishy Washy* straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required We believe the Midlife Road Trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis so each week we

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