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  • #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ #WeMadeThatUp

    Guess What? #Nuts Voted ‘Funniest Chat on Twitter’ Just Kidding, #WeMadeThatUp

    It is however, an hour of laugh out loud fun on Twitter. 1 question, every 6 minutes focusing on Food, Travel and Adventure for a total of 10 questionsbetween 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm est. Better than a soap opera, less irritating than The View, the #NUTS Twitter chat guarantees to put you in a good mood! Today we’re “Airing It All Out” as we explore the ups and downs of air travel. Hope you can join us, we have even created a Tweet Grid making it even easier to follow along!

    The numbers don’t lie.

    #NUTS averages approximately 11 million impressions per session.
    Our current record is over 23 Million impressions, reaching an audience of over 1.2 Million!

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  • Twitter is #Nuts about Bacon, Wine and Chocolate!

    Twitter is #Nuts about Bacon, Wine and Chocolate!

    Growing in popularity week after week, the MidLife Road Trip’s Twitter Chat #NUTS (Not-so Usual Therapy Session) garnered some all time high numbers for last week’s Bacon, Wine & Chocolate theme. Thanks to regular Guest Therapist, Vicky Akins for submitting the topic and questions for this landmark session. No matter what the topic, #NUTS is interactive, informative and well, down right therapeutic! Laughter, does a body good! Join us each and […]

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  • Flights: the good, the bad & the funny! #NUTS Recap

    Flights: the good, the bad & the funny! #NUTS Recap

    Q1. What is your favorite/least favorite things about airports?#NUTS SweetSoaps I like a pre-pat down free meal or promise of marriage. @FlyingPhotog Watching people & planes. @avgjomag We know they’re necessary; but the security check point is least favorite. They’re called pedicures for a reason! @ilivetotravel Least: rude ppl, crowds, lines Best: seeing int’l destinations on the boards & needing my passport!

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  • #Nuts Recap … Travel Therapy!

    #Nuts Recap … Travel Therapy!

    What a fun and much needed therapy session for travelers everywhere. Special thanks are in order this week to our special guests @CoupleofSports for previewing this week’s questions with us on Road Trip Radio! Q1. What’s YOUR favorite mode of travel transportation?  #NUTS @amandaelsewhere  If I could sail the seas and sleep to the gentle rocking of the ocean every night, forever and ever, I’d be a happy girl. @ilivetotravel […]

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  • In case you missed it or didn’t get enough the 1st time, here’s the #nuts Funny Bone recap

    In case you missed it or didn’t get enough the 1st time, here’s the #nuts Funny Bone recap

    Q1. What’s the best prank you ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?  #NUTS @CruiseBuzz The worst prank was taking my clothes from the beach while I was in my bday suit taking a swim at night. @myekulis  Friends and I used to glue quarters to the floor in front of the vending machines, then wait to see who would try & pick them up! @CaptainandClark  Chris once […]

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  • Wishy Washy #NUTS

    Wishy Washy #NUTS

    Welcome to our Therapy Group! This Week’s Theme: *Wishy Washy* straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required We believe the Midlife Road Trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis so each week we

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